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Basal body temperature during pregnancy

body - a complex system of interactions in which nothing has been invented for a reason.Female body provides nurturing, so it is important to prepare for the mission month in preparation for fertilization is not only mature egg, but also by mobilizing the whole body.Hormones during gestation undergoing unrest, resulting vibrations can be seen as important as the basal temperature.

basal body temperature (BT) - a measure of the temperature measured in the rectum to compliance with certain rules.He judged the value of the fact of ovulation and fertilization.It is measured after the morning awakening, while the woman has not got out of bed.The values ​​of the database are recorded and maintained on the basis of their corresponding graph.It is indicative of the period of planning pregnancy and diagnose its course later.On what should be the BT during pregnancy, how to measure it, what are the reasons for its change, and as evidenced by the low and high BT in pregnancy discuss in this article.

How to measure basal temperature

Many expectant mothers are measured basal temperature during the day, without observing the existing rules.This leads to the fact that getting a result they frustrate themselves not correctly diagnosing the decrease or increase of this indicator.

In fact, BT must be measured strictly according to instructions.First, prepare a thermometer in the evening.It should be in a place where you could get it freely without getting out of bed in the morning.In addition to his place on the bedside table for children, or any other cream with bold composition.

By awakening take lying next to a thermometer and lubricate it with cream.Place the thermometer into the rectum to a depth of 2 to 3 centimeters.Hold for 7 minutes.

It would seem simple.However, these rules are often violated, and this leads to erroneous measurements and incorrect diagnosis.It should be noted that the most important in the implementation of the procedure - is to stay in bed.No matter for what purpose you get up, because the result will not be reliable.

In addition, BT data to be recorded, and build on the basis of these values ​​the schedule.The photo below is a graph of the basal body temperature during pregnancy and an example of how this figure may change.

Factors affecting the value of the basal temperature

1. In addition to delays in raising the bed, there are other factors influencing the accuracy values.So, during the measurement of basal body temperature is not allowed any physical activity.It would be right to take a comfortable position and to lie before the end of the procedure.

Moreover, it is necessary to lie.Do not stand or sit or even to sit down and observe strictly the horizontal position of the body.

2. On the distortion of values ​​BT also affect sleep duration.Practice has shown that the result is valid only if the woman woke up to measure at least 4 hours.

3. Since sex is better to wait or not to deprive yourself of pleasure observing the rule of 12 hours.This is the time that must elapse after sex to measure BT was significant.

4. There should not be before the procedure.Many will say that this is understandable, because you need to measure the temperature without getting up from bed.This is so, but women, especially pregnant women, is left beside the bed something edible to consume it immediately after waking up.This method doctors recommend the use in the early stages for those who suffer excessively low blood pressure.In this case, it must be remembered that the use of food prior to measuring the basal index will lead to false results.

5. The use of certain drugs affect the rate of basal body temperature.This will alert you to the doctor.Well, take medication without consulting a leading gynecologist during pregnancy is by no means impossible.

6. On the basal temperature affect inflammatory and infectious diseases.Therefore, if you are sick, it is better to postpone the recovery.

basal body temperature during pregnancy to delay

The question about what the basal temperature to delay interest mainly women planning to become a mother soon.Note that the index of basal body temperature in different phases of the cycle varies.This is due to the preparation of the body for conception and support necessary for childbearing condition.So, in order to develop harmoniously egg basal temperature should be about 37 degrees, and for the fertilized egg is just an indicator of great importance.It affects the basal temperature and individual factors.Someone normal value of basal temperature before conception is 36.4, while the other reaches 36.9.An increase in temperature of over 37 degrees in the middle of the menstrual cycle, says about successfully ensuing ovulation.But a sharp decline and its subsequent return to the same high importance as a factor when ovulation pregnancy.This, of course, not a hundred percent figure, but the probability of conception for a given jump very high.

says about pregnancy and the fact that a stable increase basal temperature for a long time.Identify pregnancy before conception by determining the basal temperature in this case it is possible, if the increase occurs in the second phase, longer than usual during the cycle.

schedule of basal temperature before pregnancy:

basal temperature during early pregnancy

During pregnancy, every woman needs to be sure that the child is not in danger and its development is the way you want.In this regard, future mothers continue their schedule of basal temperature after determining conception still in the early stages of pregnancy.This helps to quickly identify any irregularities in the course of pregnancy.Thus, reduction of basal body temperature below 37 degrees may be due to any wrongdoing.At that time, as an increase in basal index over 37.2 may indicate an ectopic pregnancy.The value of the scale reaches 38 shows during the inflammation process.

If you find the above values ​​BT should not engage in self-diagnosis, and seek immediate medical attention luschaschemu.

basal body temperature during pregnancy

frozen Frozen pregnancy and miscarriage - not a rare phenomenon.In today's environmental situation, a certain percentage of women can not bear a child, and this number is growing every day.It often happens that the expectant mother does not even know about the frozen pregnancy as long as no explicit begin and dangerous symptoms.Measurement of BT - one of the ways to control the normal development of the embryo.About any problems can be seen in the decline in basal body temperature below 37 degrees.However, doctors do not recommend to use this method, because this value may be due to factors such as an incorrect measurement.As a result, the expectant mother begins to get nervous and worry that a negative impact on her, as it would, a normal pregnancy.About missed abortion can be judged not only in terms of basal body temperature, but also on such obvious symptoms such as bleeding and abdominal pain.

What should be the measure basal body temperature during pregnancy?

As we have noted above, the BT - an indicator of an individual.Moreover, these values ​​vary during the monthly cycle of phase change.Therefore, a measure of BT during pregnancy and do whatever else is absurd conclusions.For the diagnosis is necessary to build a graph.Moreover, it is important to know how the temperature changes before pregnancy, what was the schedule before conception and only then try to change the values ​​after pregnancy.

Many women leading indicators BT schedule before pregnancy are asked about whether or not to keep him on and what should be the basal temperature during pregnancy?Experts recommend to watch the value of the thermometer three months after pregnancy, as large fluctuations in temperature may indicate inflammation or threat of interruption.

temperature in the rectum in the mid-term and reduced in the third trimester and is not exponential, so measure it in this period there's no point.

basal body temperature during pregnancy:

What you need to know BT?

Index BT should be measured women planning a pregnancy.For couples in which the futile attempts to conceive, schedule regularly measured basal body temperature reveals the exact time of ovulation and thereby increase the chances of a long-awaited birth.And in the early stages it can talk about any violations.BT is indicative not only during pregnancy, but in the normal state.In this case, it can diagnose many diseases and detect any pathology.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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