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Colostrum during pregnancy

Colostrum during pregnancy pregnant woman waiting for the unborn child is anxious and long-awaited.She starts a new life, more reverent and careful attitude.She tries to eat right, walk in the fresh air, work less and rest more, do not take pills that are not desirable during childbearing, worry about that future generations have been safely and easily.Every woman longs hours, when he could make his long-awaited baby to the breast and feed him.

However, women are beginning to worry in earnest when the delivery date has not yet come, and colostrum is already allocated.Of course, that will scare any woman who seeks and wants everything to go perfectly.There is a lot of questions: Is it normal when colostrum appears before birth?What to do?Does this not hurt the baby?Do not over whether it even before birth?

Do not worry!Isolation of colostrum during gestation is a natural process that does not pose a threat to your health and the health of your unborn baby.Colostrum is produced starting in the second trimester of gestation, even

though it does not stand out.This is natural, since breast-feeding is prepared for the future baby.Initially, it is a sticky, thick, yellow substance, but closer to the time of birth the colostrum becomes liquid and transparent.If you felt some itching, tingling sensation and movement in the chest, do not be alarmed.The fact is that the muscles begin to push through the colostrum to the nipple.

If colostrum is not allocated in advance, and only to the birth itself, but this also is not anything dangerous.It is not and should not be allocated to the genera themselves in principle.If colostrum is not allocated to the birth itself, this does not mean that in the future you will not have milk.These things are not interconnected with each other.Colostrum starts to separate immediately during or after delivery.The amount allocated colostrum - an individual thing, so do not pay attention to what the quantity is allocated during the period of gestation, and some after.

happens is that colostrum begins to stand out in the early stages of gestation, which is also quite normal.This may indicate that the increased breast and swollen breasts.

In most cases, the reasons for which is allocated colostrum during pregnancy massage are transferred stress, sexual stimulation of the breast, increased temperature, which contributes to the fact that the channels are expanding.

What to do if colostrum is released?Always carry disposable breast pads.They should be changed regularly, as the colostrum is an environment where there are a lot of bacteria.Remember to wash your breasts with warm water without soap.Do not try to put pressure on the chest or express colostrum!Stimulation of the breast is dangerous, as bears in the release of the hormone oxytocin, which causes strong uterine contractions, leading to miscarriage.

author of the publication: Victoria Teterina