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Ultrasound during pregnancy

Ultrasonography - Ultrasound best of obtaining information on the course of pregnancy.

Advantages of ultrasound

Of course, we can not 100% say that this or that research is absolutely harmless, but for more than 50 years of practice of ultrasound diagnosis, there were no cases of its negative effects.

Ultrasound during pregnancy

ultrasound is performed on an outpatient basis for 15-20 minutes.Conclusion is issued immediately.

Using ultrasound can detect the presence of pregnancy starting from its 3-4 week.

easily identify many diseases of the fetus and the course of pregnancy.

You can find out the sex of the child.

planned timing of ultrasound

1. On 10-12 weeks of pregnancy.Held to clarify the timing of pregnancy and detect gross fetal malformations.

2. At 20-22 weeks of pregnancy.During this period the US considers proper anatomical development of the baby, and gives an estimate of the formation of its 5 major systems, including the nervous and cardiovascular.

3. At 30-32 weeks of pregnancy.At this time, ultrasound

helps to finally reveal malformations of the child and its presentation in the uterus, which is important for future delivery.Also inspected the condition of the uterus and placenta, and assesses the state of the blood flow in them.

What more can be seen on the ultrasound?

except ultrasound fetal status shows:

-Gotovnost cervical

-Condition body muscles of the uterus

-Location and maturity of the placenta

-Number of amniotic fluid

Additional US

can be assigned and additional ultrasound examinations starting.They are carried out in the presence of:

- pain in the abdomen;

- bleeding;

- suspected ectopic pregnancy;

- suspected fetal fading;

- imbalance between the uterine gestation;

- artificial insemination.


All examinations, including ultrasound is recommended that before the deadline, after which is prohibited under the law to carry out the planned abortion.

author of the publication: Svyatoslav Sitnikov

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