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The belly grows during pregnancy

From what growing belly during pregnancy?

abdomen during pregnancy increases because

- It increases the child;

- growing uterus itself;

- increases the amount of amniotic fluid.

The belly grows during pregnancy

For all these indicators there is a special table, matching the growth of weeks of pregnancy.Gynecologists have them.

reasons that relate to the stomach?

1. What is the account pregnancy.During the first pregnancy belly begins to grow by about 4 months.At each subsequent due stretching of the abdominal muscles all before.

2. Anatomy and heredity.In women, low growth with narrow hips belly grows earlier and looks bigger than the broad-hipped and high.

3. From the pace of development of the child.

Why measure the size of the stomach?

Dimensions pregnant belly compared with available tables.On the basis of this doctor makes conclusions:

- the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy;

- lag in the development of the fetus;

- oligohydramnios or polyhydramnios of the pregnancy;

- Available in women dangerous infecti


- pregnancy complication preeclampsia or placental insufficiency;

- too large fruit;

- the presence of multiple pregnancy.

If you suspect this one kind or another, are appointed additional studies to confirm or refute them.

How to help?

To reduce the load on the spine, reducing the risk of stretch marks, and just for a more comfortable feeling, talking to your doctor, you can use any kind of band.


With all the normal indicators, the stomach during pregnancy in women of different looks different.Do not be afraid, if you have the stomach began to grow for 3-4 weeks, or it is not visible almost to the birth.In life, there are various options.Medical examination of all sort out.

author of the publication: Ivan Kudryavtsev