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High pressure during pregnancy

Measurement of blood pressure is essential during each visit to a pregnant woman.And it is fully justified because of its change in one direction or another is a sign of abnormality that can cause serious complications during pregnancy.

High pressure during pregnancy, the lower pressure in pregnancy treatment

normal values ​​of pressure are 120/80 units, where the first figure - the systolic and the second - the diastolic pressure.If the first indicator reaches 140 and above, we are talking about increased pressure.If the high blood pressure was observed in women before she became pregnant, while experts diagnosed chronic hypertension, which requires constant monitoring and increased caution on the part of the expectant mother.

High blood pressure during childbearing is a bad sign, which may have a negative effect not only on the woman, but her baby.The thing is that it leads to a narrowing of the vessel walls, resulting in difficulty in transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the infant.This may cause slow growth of the fetus.Danger of high pressure not only that: it

may cause premature detachment of the placenta, causing bleeding and life-threatening child and maternal health.

Pre-eclampsia - a condition which can be a sign of high blood pressure.Moreover, the danger of it is that the principle of its origin has not been fully investigated.Among the suggestions there is a version that preeclampsia is caused by excessive synthesis of substances that affect vasoconstriction and sustained release of a component that contributes to their expansion.Of course, we should not ignore other factors such as the amount of protein, which is present in the diet of the future mother.

Whatever it was, pre-eclampsia requires constant monitoring by the experts, and its flow in an easy manner can be felt: the signs will only be increased pressure and possible swelling of the extremities.Among the more serious symptoms called headaches, blurred vision, and stomach pain, vomiting, and insomnia.The biggest danger of this disease is that it can cause eclampsia - a disease, though rare, but very serious.Among the signs of the disease known as convulsions, coma.Remember that this disease is a serious threat to life of the mother and child.

Remember to regularly visit the doctor to a problem with high blood pressure have passed.Upon detection of the first signs of high blood pressure immediately appointed a strict diet that excludes a fatty, salty, spicy and sweet dishes.In addition, there are some useful exercise.However, such action will have an effect only if the disease is expressed in an easy manner.If, however, a more serious condition, need medical treatment to normalize pressure.Such drugs, there are many, among them the mass of those that are safe for both mother and child.These include Papazol, nifedipine and metoprolol and dopegit.Remember that the choice of drug and dosage, duration of treatment appoint a doctor in each case.

If the treatment does not work, or it comes to chronic hypertension, women showed the hospital before delivery, where it will provide maintenance, will control the amount of protein in the urine and weight, in order to avoid adverse effects.

author of the publication: Ivan Kudryavtsev

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