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The volume of the stomach during pregnancy

Are you pregnant?

soon need to seek antenatal care.It is established that under the supervision of women in early pregnancy, and they visit the doctor the level of complications during pregnancy and childbirth is reduced by 7-10 times!

The volume of the stomach during pregnancy

Visiting doctor:

• in the first half of pregnancy - 1 once a month;

• from 20 th to 28 th week - 2 times a month;

• from 28 th to 40 th week - 1 per week (10-12 times during pregnancy).

Starting from the 20th week of pregnancy begins to rise noticeably tummy.And each time you visit the doctor it measures the volume and height of standing uterus and determines its shape.What it is very important to determine the gestational age, the estimated fetal weight, identifying disorders of fat metabolism, polyhydramnios and multiple pregnancy.

measuring tape measure the largest circumference of the abdomen at the level of 30-32 pupka.K second week of about 85 cm, at the end of pregnancy, it is 90-100 cm. The circumference of the abdomen can tell us a lot!Too small in

volume of the abdomen for a certain period may indicate an ectopic pregnancy, fetal malnutrition, developing pregnancy, oligohydramnios.Some of these abnormalities provoke the development of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs of women, preeclampsia, placental insufficiency.The increase in the amount of it can be when polyhydramnios, placental tissue tumors or in multiple pregnancies (many children).

consequence polyhydramnios be spontaneous miscarriage, growth retardation, premature labor, fetoplacental insufficiency.However, this is just a subjective parameter that is individual for each woman, and to confirm the disease need to undergo a series of other studies (ultrasound, laboratory tests).

doctor also measures the height of standing uterus: the distance between the upper edge of the symphysis pubis and the bottom of the uterus.By the 20th week of pregnancy, the uterus is the bottom 2 cm below the navel, to the 24th-on the level of the navel, with 28 weeks of gestation the fundus will be above the level of the belly button for a few cm in late pregnancy standing uterus height is 36 cmreaches the sternum.This parameter can vary for different pregnant depending on their height, weight, degree of development of the baby.In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, fundal height in centimeters coincides with the time set by an ultrasound a week.That is the height of standing uterus increases with the duration of pregnancy.

Form belly varies (usually ovoid shape, nulliparous with a pointed end up, multiparous - with a bit of sagging down), but suspect some deviations possible.If the stomach in the form of an oval cross, it may indicate the correct position of the child.Doctor using other methods (according to Leopold), just be able to say about the presence or absence of pathology, as during ultrasonic techniques (ultrasound).

In no case can not be self-diagnose, let alone resort to treatment, based only on the size of the stomach.Any action is possible only after consulting a doctor.

Regular visits to a specialist, the correct mode and good nutrition can help avoid complications both during pregnancy and childbirth and after childbirth.Health to you and your kids!

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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