Medications in Pregnancy

Sedatives Pregnancy

From what you are nervous - a separate issue.Often, hormonal changes provokes rapid mood swings, irritability, tearfulness and insomnia.It may be true, that women are so afraid of the coming generations, she is worried about the health of the baby, it's annoying her nerves constantly and excessively.Anyway, all the time to get nervous and uncomfortable unprofitable for the expectant mother, and taking the medicine once again is not necessary.What to do?

Sedatives Pregnancy

Well, just to close the issue of drugs, let us harmless sedative for pregnant women.Tablets such as "Persians", made of soothing herbs, pregnant women are allowed, but is pre-consult with the doctor to describe his condition to him and ask whether it is possible to use a sedative.The extracts of valerian, lemon balm and mint, which are part of these pills, it is nothing harmful is not diluted, so if the appointment was - follow it.It is also recommended for pregnant Novopassit similar means - it is also composed of herbal extracts that are safe for n

ormal development of the child.Or maybe the doctor will pick you something more simple like valerian extract or tincture of Leonurus.

But you can also not immediately resort to drugs.Moreover, in early pregnancy it is better not to do so.Up to 15-16 weeks of pregnancy to take any whatever medication is not necessary.But what if the terms had not yet passed, and anxiety interfere with your normal life?Do not despair.There are simpler and sedatives given by nature.

In the first trimester of pregnancy is not particularly lean on pills and better to abandon them altogether: at the time the child is formed particularly intense, and the risk to anything.Start with the simplest natural means - walks in the fresh air.The more you walk, the more useful it is: the fresh air is needed for normal development of the child and the well-being of a young mother.You will be pleased to walk, to be alone with the unborn baby, think and just enjoy the surroundings and the mood can improve itself unnoticed.

If the walk still want to relax and warm up, your choice - teas and aromatherapy.Tea with mint or lemon balm perfectly calm and help keep warm and sleep.The same tincture of motherwort in the usual tea will also help calm the nerves.

Naladte food.It is important to get enough vitamins and nervousness often indicates that a pregnant woman is not enough B vitamins multivitamin preparations, eat nuts, meat, liver, beans and dairy products.

aromatherapy is treated careful: the same scent can have on different people different effects, someone he calm, someone on the contrary, may bring, and you will not fall asleep.

But taking chemically synthesized or strong sedative can not: they are harmful to the normal development of the baby, so for them it is better to forget, because "under attack" put immature nervous system of the fetus.

And most importantly - talk to your doctor if nerves are really interfere with a normal life, and in time to take action.Then the powerful drugs are simply not needed, and that the problem will be solved.Endure the discomfort is not necessary, you must immediately report them to the doctor.Most of the problem is completely solved, and a nervous condition neither mother nor child is not helpful.Listen to you, carefully assess their condition - and your body will respond the most rewarding way.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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