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Saving early pregnancy

Almost all women who have so long dreamed of becoming pregnant, and finally it happened, begin to feel anxiety.This is not surprising, because the statistics startling figures: one in three pregnancies ends miscarriage.

Saving early pregnancy

Reasons for pregnancy can result in miscarriage:

first - "natural selection".Genetic disorders (non-hereditary), such as viral infections, radiation, harmful work in most cases result in miscarriage.According to statistics, 70% of pregnancies end this way.Most women do not realize that waiting for a child, as the duration of pregnancy is too small.

second - Hormonal disorders.Progesterone - one of the major hormones of pregnancy.It affects the course of pregnancy.If this hormone is small, it can occur miscarriage.

third - poor health.Diseases such as trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, syphilis, rubella, hepatitis, pneumonia, appendicitis, influenza, sore throat and many others are part of the reason for the threat to the fetus in the early stages.To treat these illness

es is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy, because the drugs are very harmful to the fetus.

fourth - Rhesus conflict.There is a problem when a woman has Rh negative blood, and the embryo is positive.In these cases the conflict arises because of antibodies that perceive the fetus as a foreign body and tries to expel it from the body.

fifth - unhealthy lifestyle.It is necessary to take care of herself and her child from the first days of pregnancy: do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and drugs.All this is another cause of miscarriages.

sixth - peace of mind and anxiety.Emotional stress, weight lifting, a variety of injuries may serve as one more reason for an abortion.

In most cases there is a spontaneous miscarriage when a woman does not even know that she was pregnant.But it happens and vice versa.The test showed two bands, the woman feels that she is pregnant, but then something went wrong.Any woman will feel it.Signs of incipient abortion: Pain in the lower back and abdomen, and sometimes intensifying, reminiscent of the fight, bloody vaginal discharge, fever and malaise.

Once there was even one of the signs of woman should seek immediate medical attention, call an ambulance.Otherwise, you could end up not only abortion, but also serve as a serious threat to life and the woman.

not uncommon that after miscarriage are particles of fetal tissue in the uterus.In such cases, it is required to carry out the curettage procedure, otherwise it may lead to inflammation.

save or not?

In the West, if the pregnancy is bad and there is a risk of miscarriage, with characteristic symptoms, do nothing.Everything is placed in the hands of unknown forces.We have the same all the way around to save the hospital has put in a period of 5 weeks.Good or bad - is a difficult question.Of course the woman who wants a baby for a long time waiting for this, by all means wants to keep the pregnancy, and will do anything for it.

However, the statistics do not argue, it argues that early on is very difficult to keep the pregnancy, only if there is a serious threat to its interruption.

For example, if you deliver a diagnosis that would serve as a threatened miscarriage, you will need to try to keep the pregnancy.Treatment can be successful under the conditions a relaxing holiday and bed rest.

If the question of the serious threat of miscarriage in early pregnancy (before 20 weeks) you will be sent to the hospital gynecological department.In such conditions, the probability of longer continue the pregnancy.There you will be under the constant supervision of medical staff.Medications that help maintain the pregnancy: magnesium preparations, injections new shpy, candles with papaverine and, in some cases, progesterone.At the hospital, you need to comply with bed rest, relax and tests.

Once you feel good, pain and bleeding stops, you can subscribe to, and can be said to continue the pregnancy.But the next few months, you should be extremely cautious and not to relax, not to return to the hospital again.There were many cases when women spent the entire pregnancy in the hospital and gave birth to beautiful kids.

How to safeguard the pregnancy before its onset

Doctors urge that pregnancy need to take care of long before it happens.Firstly, pregnancy should be planned in advance.Secondly, the progress of the pregnancy should watch an experienced doctor.

During pregnancy, you need to give up bad habits.Remember that you need to eat only healthy products.Take necessary to you and your child vitamins.Make daily walks.Pass the necessary tests, pass examinations and cure all diseases that bother you.Do not take medications contraindicated for pregnant women.Do not be nervous, try to treat everything calmly.Get plenty of rest, smile and enjoy life.

author of the publication: Svyatoslav Sitnikov

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