Medications in Pregnancy

Ascorutin during pregnancy

basics right course of pregnancy and development of the child - a healthy diet and the correct mode.Of course, most of the civilized part of humanity is trying to eat what you can and what you need, on the basis of various scientific diets tips healers and guided by their own intuition.The same applies to vitamin preparations.


but pregnant women - there is a special kind of needs the mother's body are changing and need to know what vitamins are essential for both mother and child.

to vitamin preparations applies Ascorutin - a simple combination of vitamin C and vitamin P. That's it - nothing fancy, but the attitude of doctors to the drug twofold, since the application Ascorutinum during pregnancy has its pros and cons.

Vitamin C (also known as the much-loved askorbinka) regulates the most important processes in the development of the fetus, it is the formation of cartilage and bone of the fetus, teeth and nerve tissue.In addition, it is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and regulates the

immune system, active in fighting infections and viruses.In the third trimester of pregnancy and childbirth to women are less resistant to infection , therefore intake of vitamins, especially Ascorutinum - is needed.

Vitamin P (rutin) - helps to strengthen the capillary walls and makes them less brittle, so prevents the development of edema, inflammation, bleeding gums, nosebleeds, which are very common in pregnant women.Sometimes future mothers even when sneezing nose drops of blood stand out.Do not be afraid, just moisten the air in the room and take Ascorutin to strengthen the blood vessels.

It seems to be clear Ascorutin take "possible and necessary" because the systematic use of vitamin complexes during pregnancy significantly improves the clinical course of delivery and condition of the newborn.

But there are certain limits set by the doctors: It is strictly forbidden, so remember:

In the first trimester of pregnancy to take any medicines, because at that time laid the nervous system of the child, the skin is formed and spine.

can not use women with increased blood clotting.The drug can enhance the propensity to thrombosis.During pregnancy, it is very dangerous, especially for venous insufficiency - Youthful rapidly boleznvarikoznom veins or hemorrhoids arisen.

is impossible if you have: kidney stones, diabetes, kidney infection.

Also, check with your doctor if you have an allergy to vitamin.C, (it is also possible oversupply of the reception of other fortified products) and high blood pressure.

author of the publication: Victoria Teterina

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