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Treatment of colds during pregnancy

Pregnancy - the mysterious and inexplicable process, when in a short time from a tiny cell (zygote - a fertilized egg) to develop and grow a full body.Strangely enough, the mother's body rejects the fetus as a foreign object, therefore, from the beginning of conception, in order to survive he has to overcome life's difficulties.In nature, everything is thought the strongest survive, so there is a natural selection.It should be noted that the mother's body to prepare for this period, because it weakens the immune system the natural way, which gives future baby a chance to survive.

Treatment of colds during pregnancy, colds during pregnancy

Along with this decrease in natural resistance of the organism opens the gates of "uninvited guests": viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.Pregnancy often recorded diseases such as SARS, influenza, acute respiratory infections.Doctors say that these diseases are not compatible with pregnancy, as are a potential threat to the baby and mother.However, most women and that more than 85 percent manage to get cold is during pregnancy.

Note that expectant mothers tend to take cold it is in the early stages of gestation (I trimester of pregnancy), when the foundations are formed all the vital systems and organs of the child.Incidentally, it was in the early stages of pregnancy, any illness, including the common cold, can significantly harm him.During this period, and the expectant mother is exposed to significant risk.What complications arise?So, can be a complication of the common cold:

- growth retardation and fetal development;

- fetal hypoxia;

- intrauterine infection and even death of the embryo;

- fetoplacental insufficiency;

- increase in blood loss during childbirth;

- malformations of the embryo;

- inflammatory reactions of internal genital organs;

- premature rupture of membranes;

- chronic infections;

- complications in the postpartum period.

It is difficult and sometimes virtually impossible to assess the extent of the threat bearing cold.The most important is the timely diagnosis and treatment in the early stages of the disease.In this case, everything goes with minimal risk to the fetus and mother.

in the scientific literature of the diagnosis as "cold" you will not find anywhere else.As a rule, doctors diagnosed - or acute respiratory disease SARS, so viral and bacterial diseases in childbearing are painted in relevant topics: SARS or acute respiratory therapy during pregnancy.Colds during pregnancy threaten the development of many complications.Therefore, if possible, to protect themselves from this disease.It is very important in this situation to prevent a sharp body hypothermia, because, as a rule, with this cold start.

prevention of colds during pregnancy

In rainy weather, it is important not to be chilled and not get wet, try to avoid hypothermia.Eat plenty of natural vitamins, but do not overdo it, as hypervitaminosis during pregnancy is no less dangerous than the common cold disease.Also, do not get carried away too much multivitamin preparations for pregnant women.Everything is good in moderation.Many women in the prophylactic use aromatherapy.For this purpose, oil of rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree, fir, lavender, mint, etc.It should be noted that aromatherapy in some people can cause an allergic reaction, it should not be forgotten.Pregnant women should no longer be outdoors, whatever the weather several times a day to ventilate the room, daily wet cleaning.Dress for the weather to be, dry and moderate heat will help to avoid the insidious cold.

treatment of colds during childbearing - a difficult but necessary process, because in this period there is a real threat to the health of the fetus and the mother.The first thing to do - to see a doctor and consult with him, do not self-medicate.During pregnancy, the "heavy artillery antiprostudnaya" contraindicated, so the choice of schemes and methods of treatment should be approached with extreme caution.If for any reason you are unable to contact your doctor, the main rule, you should always stick to the treatment - "do no harm".Keep in mind that less is more, so before you do anything, you need to think about it carefully weigh the pros and cons.

order to rapid elimination of toxins from the body you should drink plenty of fluids: water, tea, juice, vitamin fruit drinks, herbal teas (chamomile, lime tea, wild rose), milk with honey and butter.Keep in mind that excess fluid in the body can cause swelling, so still need to monitor its quantity.During pregnancy contraindicated antibiotics, immunostimulants or immunomodulators, tinctures on alcohol, fever, as well as drugs that increase blood pressure and pulse.It is not necessary to take separate tablets of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Among the medications can be taken Paracetamol (analgesic and antipyretic effect) Faringosept (from aches and sore throat), Furatsilin (antiseptic gargle).It is best to use during pregnancy homeopathic remedies that should prescribe a doctor.

Some colds can be treated with traditional medicine, but in this case, most of the components it offers recipes you may cause allergic reactions.Therefore, even in this case, you should choose the most innocuous prescriptions.Good therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of colds in pregnant prepared using horseradish (in fine grater rubbed horseradish root, which is mixed with the same amount of sucrose, the mixture is then left in a warm place for twelve hours, filtered and take 1 tbsp. Spoon every hourin acute during the cold).The present drug has no side effects, is safe during pregnancy and exhibits excellent immunostimulatory effects.

It should be noted that all colds therapy aims to eliminate the main symptoms of the disease: cough, pyrexia, headache, sneezing, sore throat, tiredness, difficulty breathing, general malaise, etc.

inhalation using chamomile, St. John's wort, sage help avoid a cough, as they contribute to mitigating the inflamed nasal and inhalation of vapors (volatile production), garlic and onions effectively treat a runny nose.Good results in the treatment of rhinitis is obtained by appointment aromatherapy oils especially with coniferous trees.A unique drug drug - honey during pregnancy.Inhalation relieves colds pregnant.Quite often recommend breathing vapors of boiled potatoes in their skins with the addition of herbs (chamomile, blackcurrant leaves, oak, sage, eucalyptus, birch), baking soda.It is also helpful to inhale the vapors grated onion for 10 minutes, but the procedure to make it possible for more than two times a day.You can try inhalations with essential oils of thyme, wild rose, hyssop, chamomile.For inhalation, heat the water, add a few drops of oil.

breathe on "magic" to be a saucepan for about ten minutes.Today quite common idiosyncrasy of essential oils and herbs.Before the inhalation during pregnancy should still consult a doctor.Heat treatments are contraindicated in pregnancy, sometimes allowed the application of dry mustard plasters to the feet, and then put on warm socks to bed.Soar feet are not recommended, but if you're really need to warm up cold feet.Soar hands under hot water, possible future mums - the perfect remedy for sore throat and runny nose.When the manifestation of the first signs of a cold need to wrap your neck warm scarf, wear warm socks, pajamas, drink hot tea and go to bed.As for the diet, it should include light burdensome for the stomach food with high content of vitamins and minerals.In the period of the disease should be excluded from the diet of heavy meats, pastries, meats and thick rich broth.

author of the publication: Ivan Kudryavtsev

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