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Treatment of SARS in pregnancy

Perhaps the most common diagnosis is SARS.Our pharmacies inundated with a variety of jars and boxes, labels that promise instant relief from this disease.At first glance, it seems that we are quite alone can handle this "trifling" disease, but how to react to a diagnosis of SARS, if you are pregnant.In this case, get involved in popular drugs is not necessary.The most important thing is not to panic in this situation.

Treatment of SARS in pregnancy, SARS treatment in pregnancy

Acute respiratory viral infection or as it is commonly called SARS - a whole group of viral infections inhalation tract that occurs with fever, development of inflammatory reactions and symptoms of intoxication.The unifying symptom of all types of acute respiratory viral infections - colds.Clinical signs of us are familiar with childhood: headaches, fatigue, pyrexia, lack or loss of appetite, coughing, wet or dry, sore throat, profuse discharge or nasal congestion, pain in the eyes.

Respiratory viruses are spread through the allocation to the environment during coughing or sneezing pa

tient man.Further viruses deposited on various surfaces and objects since they fall on the mucous membranes of the human.

Pregnant women are highly susceptible to infection with SARS, it helps reduce the immune resistance of the organism.In addition to all presented viruses in the late or incorrect treatment may lead to abortion.It is therefore important to avoid this kind of infection.Pregnant women need to be outdoors, to walk, but to avoid crowded places;get enough sleep and avoid stress;engage in physical therapy (prescribed by a doctor);minimize contact with sick relatives and friends.

If it so happened that you were ill, in any case, should not self-medicate.Even when you think that a cold place in an easy manner, should see a specialist.If consultation with a specialist at once (at the manifestation of the first symptoms) is not possible, you should heed the following advice:

- when a physician does not restrict the patient's fluid intake, you need to drink more hot tea with raspberries, lime or honey;

- at a high temperature (over 38 degrees) prescribed acetylsalicylic acid (maximum dose of 1-2 tablets);

- to activate the immune system drink the infusion of rose hips;

- when coughing prescribed inhalation.To do this, perfectly suited oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree, fir, lavender, mint, etc.It should be noted that aromatherapy in some people can cause an allergic reaction, it should not be forgotten.Inhalation with chamomile, St. John's wort, sage help avoid a cough, as they contribute to mitigating the inflamed nasal and inhalation of vapors (volatile production), garlic and onions effectively treat a runny nose.Inhalation relieves colds pregnant woman.You can try inhalations with essential oils of thyme, wild rose, hyssop, chamomile.For inhalation, heat the water, add a few drops of oil.Breathe on the "magic" saucepan should be about ten minutes.Today quite common idiosyncrasy of essential oils and herbs.Before the inhalation during pregnancy should still consult a doctor;

- during pregnancy is not necessary to use vasoconstrictor drops, nasal sprays, do not apply aloe juice (may cause abortion);

- to facilitate breathing nasal cavity can be rinsed with saline solution or marigold (calendula tincture five drops per 200 ml water).After washing, you need a good blow his nose.Also, do not be superfluous and holding acupressure.Carrying said manipulation reduces swelling of the nose;

- during pregnancy can not float or heat the legs as this can primesti to uterine contractions and abortion;

Before taking any pharmaceutical agent should carefully read the instructions, and only then to take the medicine.

author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov