Diseases of pregnancy

Vienna during pregnancy

while carrying the baby in any woman's body is experiencing very serious changes, the cause of which is adapted to the nurturing and development of the child in utero.The changes that accompany this new condition for women, are not always favorable, because the body has been running for two, causing the load is doubled.This applies to absolutely all of the pregnant without exception, including the veins.

Vienna during pregnancy, varicose veins during pregnancy

Vienna - the main component of the circulatory system.Arteries blood goes from the heart to the organs, in order to supply them with oxygen, but the veins send blood back to the heart.According to him the blood rises against gravity - up.Of course, nature invented for this particular organism, which helps to cope with this task.The veins have mechanisms called valves that prevent the return of blood to occur.While walking promoting blood upward and also contribute to the calf muscles, because they seem to push the blood.With good condition of its human circulatory system does not fail just like that

, without the influence of negative external factors, as a rule, failure is almost does not.But while carrying a child - a special state of the woman's body, which introduces important changes in the circulatory system too.The volume of blood that circulates during pregnancy becomes greater than about 25%, and - substantially hormonal changes.This complex provides not just an extra load on the veins and can lead to unfortunate consequences, among them - venous insufficiency, also known as varicose veins.

Varicose considered a very common problem of pregnant women: according to various estimates, it affects about 30% of women who are expecting babies.The development of the disease, in addition to heredity, contributes to a number of factors.The mechanism of the appearance of varicose veins is that during the increase in blood volume during pregnancy, it is not always circulated through the body.The reason is that the blood flow is hampered by clamping increased its volume of veins.Coming to the lower limbs, the blood can not at the same rate to climb back because the baby rapidly growing tummy mom, their weight presses on the veins.Thus, a blood stagnation and it bursting vein from the inside.

first signal the beginning of varicose veins fatigue, "bloodshot" in the afternoon leg not strong burning sensation in them as well - tingling in the calves.Later, there are the first swelling and severe pain, and as a result - there is venous reticulum, the veins begin to protrude and can be severely deformed.In addition, varices frequently accompanied by painful symptoms in the areas where the vein bulge.No less unpleasant and also the fact that varicose veins - the disease is not only the legs - clamping veins in the abdomen can cause varicose veins of the labia, vagina, rectum.

prevent deformation of the veins during pregnancy under the force of absolutely any woman.Even if you have a significant genetic predisposition to varicose veins, if you follow a thorough prevention - you will have a chance to prevent the disease.

Prevention is quite simple and contributes to the overall strengthening of health so the expectant mother and her baby.So, for example, it is highly desirable to regularly perform special exercises - slack load help keep pregnant calf muscles in a constant tone, and thus, improve the outflow of venous blood.Also, exercise helps pregnant control your weight, which is important for the prevention of varicose veins, and because a large increase in weight is very bad for the veins.

future moms should not forget about the rest for its congested legs.Pressures on them will need to be alternated with complete relaxation - enough even to lie down with their feet.We must try not to be in a standing or sitting position for too long, because it leads to impaired blood circulation.If you are sitting, you very desirable to put one foot to the other, and going out for a walk, it is better to wear shoes without a heel.In the evening, when you are resting, lying down, say, watching television or a laptop will be quite helpful to raise your feet on the wall or the back of the sofa at an angle of 45 degrees.Thus, the blood will be much easier to climb through the veins.When you're ready for bed, it can and does lay a pillow under your feet all night.

To reduce the risk of developing varicose veins, it is desirable to have a habit of wearing special clothing.Namely - it is about compression socks or stockings.Such clothing helps to reduce the diameter of the vein, allowing the blood moves through them more evenly.Choose a compression garment alone is not recommended - better to see a doctor phlebologist.

author of the publication: Olga Lazareva