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Aspirin during pregnancy

Every woman aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle, while carrying a baby: more rest, less work, eat right, try not to take drugs.However, in practice few who can not take the medication during pregnancy.So there is something to the body: cough, headache, temperature and more.Naturally, the use of the pill a little, but what to do when there is a question about the appropriateness of taking medication?Not all drugs can be taken.Some are harmful to women and children.Aspirin is hardly safe, but doctors prescribe this drug for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes during pregnancy.


What is so dangerous Aspirin?The abstract is written to it that it can not accept the first and third trimesters.In the first trimester of fetal organs carried tab, in the third - increases the risk of bleeding during childbirth, as the drug contributes to liquefaction of blood.Most doctors do not prescribe it on any pregnancy, considering it harmful because giving safer drugs.All this is due to the fact that the peculiar stru

cture of aspirin that can cause harm, as well as many side effects.Side effects are: anorexia, diarrhea, nausea, gastralgia;anemia, Reye's syndrome, leucopenia., thrombocytopenia, formation of bronchial asthma;angioedema, skin rash, the kidneys and liver;bleeding, erosive and ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract and hypocoagulation;swelling, hearing loss, aseptic meningitis, acute renal failure, interstitial nephritis, heart failure.

Clinical study on whether it is possible to take Analgin during gestation were performed many times.The results are very controversial, because nothing can be said clearly.Aspirin is not recommended at this time, because there are such a threat: bleeding during childbirth, the risk of placental abruption, the risk of pulmonary and cardiac complications in the child, the probability of miscarriage, perenashivanie child, the risk of complications.

But there is evidence that show.What Analgin intake contributes to the development of testicular abnormalities in males.We are talking about the usual doses of the drug.But if you take it on the dosage prescribed to pregnant women, it can be not only dangerous, but also carry the benefit of the mother and child.

Dosage greatly affects the value of the drug.If you change it, you change and its effect on the future mother and her child.It proved that affect pregnancy and fruit it can only when large quantities.It was then (1500 mg per day) causes the above violations.But at low doses of aspirin, he transformed from aggressor faithful assistant, and has a positive effect.The dose during pregnancy should not exceed one hundred milligrams per day.Effect on the fetus occurs.What is the purpose

aspirin to pregnant women?If you have been drinking before pregnancy this medication in order to reduce heat or quench headaches, during gestation, go to another medication such as paracetamol.Let say that small doses of aspirin do not bear harm, but only favor, yet they are administered in exceptional cases.Assignment occurs when a pregnant woman's increased blood clotting.This blood that circulates poorly carries some degree of danger as problems begin to provide the child with nutrients and oxygen.Aspirin given to pregnant women during antifosfolidnom syndrome.In a small dose of the drug will help prevent spasms of small blood vessels, which contributes to the proper functioning of the placenta: improvement of blood circulation, reducing the risk of placental insufficiency.Assign it and varicose veins, as thins the blood.However, currently marketed drugs safer.Some doctors recommend taking aspirin to replace certain foods that thin the blood: carrots, beets, kiwi, cranberries.

Aspirin also contributes to the fact that women avoid preeclampsia later in pregnancy.But there is one "but": the doctors noticed that the birth was complicated, though, and prevented preeclampsia.

So what to do?Take aspirin or better to avoid this?We can say the following: it is not necessary to self-medicate and take it without doctor's permission.If you Aspirin prescribed by a doctor, it is your right, whether to trust the doctor or to avoid possible danger.

Remember that aspirin is a member of various drugs and has different names.There are very dangerous drugs that during childbearing strictly nastrogo can not be used: askofen, Atselizin, Asfen, Metilsatsilitsilat, sodium salicylate, Sedalgin, Kversalin, Mesalazin, salicylamide, Tsefekon, Kofitsil and Citramon.

Remember, your main task is to carry and give birth to a strong and healthy child, so do not take any hasty action.All check with your doctor.If there are doubts about him, then find another.Do you need skilled care physicians.Take your time with the pills.If you can tolerate the pain, it is best to do it.During pregnancy, drugs are a threat to the health of the future baby.Spend more time in the fresh air, eat healthy food, more fruits and vegetables, have a rest, get enough sleep, work less, and avoid stress.Most importantly, think less about the poor, more positive emotions and everything will be fine.We wish you a pulmonary delivery.All of you shall have a good!How have programmed myself, so everything will pass.Because the bad thoughts away!

author of the publication: Zoya Kiseleva

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