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Preeclampsia second half of pregnancy

term "preeclampsia" doctors commonly referred to as morning sickness, which occurs in pregnant women in the later stages of gestation the baby (18-36 weeks).This complication is not harmless and could potentially harm the crumbs that lives in your tummy.Preeclampsia is fraught with blood circulation in which tissues do not receive enough oxygen.Also in gestosis disturbed fluid and electrolyte balance observed weakening of the vessel wall, resulting in tissue gets liquid.

Preeclampsia second half of pregnancy, preeclampsia during pregnancy

If you have started to swell the face, hands and feet, high blood pressure, protein in the urine is detected, began headaches, nausea, and worsened mental state, it is quite possible that we are talking about preeclampsia.If you observe these symptoms.Then you definitely need to get medical advice.Medical advice and recommendations in this situation will be aimed at is to ensure the safety of the baby and mother.

Mom, who was found preeclampsia, placental face edema, which can cause oxygen deprivation remains.Oxygen starvation dire

ctly affects the development of the nervous system of the baby.The risk of preeclampsia is that it is extremely difficult to detect, and this means that many mothers seek help too late.The effects of preeclampsia can be severe and even tragic.If you have not identified and do not take measures for the treatment of preeclampsia, it is quite possible these pathologies and diseases:

  • stroke,
  • infarction,
  • pulmonary edema,
  • renal failure.

most dangerous stage of late toxemia of pregnancy called eclampsia.This stage is fraught with the gravest complications of preeclampsia - retinal detachment, seizures, fainting.Pregnant women should be screened regularly for tests and, after diagnosis of preeclampsia is only possible with the help of laboratory tests.If a pregnant woman has no external signs of preeclampsia, it is usually the woman administered saline and watch how long it will resolve.If the solution is absorbed too quickly (less than half an hour), it is suspected preeclampsia.

endocrine disorders, acute respiratory viral infections, obesity, influenza, poor and unbalanced diet, and other factors can trigger the occurrence of preeclampsia.Keep in mind that to cure this pathology in the home is not possible.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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