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Headache during pregnancy

It so happens that the happiest time of pregnancy is overshadowed by headaches that can just did harass pregnant women.Migraine is a fairly common disease among the fairer sex who are waiting for the baby.Unpleasant surprise for women is that migraine may be a frequent visitor even if the preconception you have never suffered from headaches.Why do pregnant women often have a headache?What is the impact and what does it depend?

Headache during pregnancy, pregnancy headache to do

Often migraine is one of the manifestations of some diseases - hypertension, vascular dystonia, metabolic and infectious diseases.Also headaches can result from brain diseases.Do not forget also that the pregnancy - a time when many of the female body are undergoing capital restructuring.It is about the hormonal system, immune, digestive, urinary and cardiovascular.During this period, the main cause of migraine headaches may be a change in vascular reactivity.This is due to the fact that with the progress of pregnancy increases blood volume and hence increased venous pressure.

These changes do not have consequences for the nervous system of the female body.As a result, you may occasionally disturb migraine varying intensity.

doctors, classifying headache, allocate its various types.

type of pain, which is often tormented by pregnant women - a migraine or tension headache.Pregnant women should not worry on account of the impact of this type of pain during pregnancy, as well as on the development of the baby in the womb.Migraine is in no way capable of adversely affect the crumbs.The only caveat is that migraine can significantly complicate the life of you personally.

first three months of pregnancy may be overshadowed by the headaches that are triggered by hormones rapidly accumulates in the body of the future mother.Also adversely affect the well-being of women may experience over the fact that its weight is growing rapidly.However, not always a nerve or hormonal processes are to blame for the fact that you have a splitting headache.It so happens that migraine occurs due to excessive tension of the muscles of the neck.If you work in an awkward position, it may be the cause of headaches.

also can trigger a headache the following factors:

  • lowering blood pressure,
  • high blood pressure,
  • allergy,
  • sleep disorders.

Remember that pregnancy is not recommended medications, which means that it is not necessary to try to calm the headache pills.It is better to try a massage, contrast showers and a more optimal schedule.

author of the article: Victoria Teterina