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Metipred during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stress factor for the female organism.During this period, reduced natural resistance of the body, the body is going to take this step consciously and purposefully.The fact that the reduction in immunological reactivity allows you to carry a child and do not perceive it as a foreign body (object).Otherwise, the embryo can be cut off.Pregnancy - is not the best time for taking a variety of drugs.It would seem that even the seemingly most harmless adsorbent requires a certain balance and restrictions.What here to speak about such strong and sometimes unsafe hormonal preparations as "metipred."


So, "metipred" refers to hormonal pharmaceuticals, has anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive effect on the human body.The main active ingredient, which is part of the drug is methylprednisolone.Since this is a hormonal preparation, he has a number of contraindications.With extreme caution should be taken medication during pregnancy, and liver failure.However, in some cases, even in these cases are a

ttributed to hormones.

hormonal methods prescribed under the threat of miscarriage is rarely recorded cases where the drug has to use throughout the period of pregnancy.Especially in cases where a woman taking the drug still in the process of pregnancy planning."Metipred" optimizes hormonal expectant mother when androgens in her body dominated (hyperandrogenism - increased synthesis of male hormones).

Some experts believe that "metipred" during pregnancy only if it is expedient to appoint a confirmation of the diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia.Of course, if you think clearly, the use of the hormonal drug as "metipred" during pregnancy is extremely undesirable.If his appointment is necessary all properly weigh the pros and cons.Appoint said the drug should only be a specialist, and even then only for health reasons.

Use of this product may cause a number of side effects:

- disruptions of the endocrine glands (reduced glucose tolerance develops so-called steroid diabetes, delayed sexual development in children, there is the oppression of the functional activity of the adrenal, developing Cushing's syndrome:obesity, pituitary type, moon face, hirsutism, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, high blood pressure, striae, muscle weakness);

- violation of the functional activity of the digestive system (pancreatitis, nausea, vomiting, erosive esophagitis, steroid stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, eating disorders, perforation of the wall of the digestive tract, bloating, indigestion, hiccups, hyperactivity of liver transferases: alaninamintrasferaza, aspartatamitransferaza andalkaline phosphatase);

- dysfunction of the cardiovascular system (bradycardia, arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, heart failure, high blood pressure, thrombosis, hypercoagulability, myocardial infarction and necrosis, slowing the formation of scar tissue, which sometimes leads to the rupture of the myocardium);

- dysfunctional peripheral and central nervous system (disorientation, paranoia, delirium, hallucinations, euphoria, depression, headache, manic-depressive psychosis, increased intracranial pressure, pseudotumor cerebellum anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, vertigo, dizziness, convulsions);

- also noted irregularities in the senses (increased intraocular pressure, subcapsular cataracts, exophthalmos, propensity to develop secondary viral, bacterial and fungal infections of the eyes, atrophic changes of the cornea);

- violation of the metabolic processes (hypocalcemia, increased body weight, giperpotlivost, negative nitrogen balance, fluid retention and sodium gipokaliemichesky syndrome, hypernatremia);

- dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system (muscle atrophy, steroid myopathy, tendon rupture, muscle, osteoporosis, slowing growth and ossification in children);

- allergic and dermatologic reactions (anaphylaxis, pruritus, rash, local allergic reaction, ecchymosis, petechiae, hypo- or hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, susceptibility to the development of pyoderma and candidiasis, delayed wound healing).

severity and frequency of side effects depends on the duration of use and dosage.As a rule, women during pregnancy appoint a minimum of poltabletki day.Chronic administration of this drug daily dose gradually.Prolonged treatment can not be stopped suddenly.

should be especially careful when combining hormonal drug "Medipret" with other drugs.If you really and appointed the drug, check with your doctor or do read the instructions to the effect of it with other medications.For example, "Medipret" interaction with vitamin D reduces adsorption of calcium in the intestine and paracetamol increased risk of hepatotoxicity.Therefore, the solution "Medipret" recommended be administered separately from other medications.

proved that "Medipret" Wanted for boys, because it affects the functional activity of the adrenal glands of the embryo, especially males.It should be noted that in developed countries, this drug does not apply, however, local experts often explain the purpose of "Medipret" during pregnancy that pretty often is a way to maintain a desired pregnancy.Experts assure that minimal doses the drug is harmless to all the expectant mother and her child.As shown, the majority of long-term observations of women who take this medication during pregnancy give birth to healthy babies safely, but the annotation to medications still do not really even inspire.

If you still have a need for the application submitted by the hormonal drug, we recommend that you find a competent professional who knows his business, to advise you, select the required dosage and frequency of administration will appoint effective treatment.

author of the publication: Eduard Belousov

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