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Tonsillitis in pregnancy

modern woman must necessarily be prepared for the fact that occasionally it will feel not very good, with a variety of reasons.It may be concerned about varicose veins, persistent shortness of breath, or the unpleasant signs of toxicity, as well as pain in the abdomen, and much more.Also, if a woman has had some kind of disease, during pregnancy they are seriously aggravated.

Tonsillitis in pregnancy, chronic tonsillitis during pregnancy

chronic tonsillitis may have a sore throat that will be felt throughout the entire period of gestation.And tonsillitis, as well as sinusitis, otitis media and pharyngitis, may occur unexpectedly, but because even more unpleasant.Moreover, they carry with them not only unpleasant, but also a real danger of pregnancy.

Tonsillitis how

Chronic disease process, which is accompanied by a constant and strong sensation of pain in the throat, called tonsillitis.Tonsils, which are located in the throat, represent a barrier of an organism, and they take on the first impact of the infection.Even knowing about the disease tonsillitis, wo

men usually prefer not to notice.So - this is not in any way wrong.Should behave with extreme caution with this disease and fight, with the earlier started the fight, the more effective it will be.

Symptoms of tonsillitis

Among the symptoms can be identified sore throat, as well as periodic pain in the same area.Accompany illness general weakness and fatigue, and fever and the presence of cough, mostly dry.These symptoms are not only unpleasant to the feelings, but also can significantly worsen the state of health of pregnant women in general.

danger for pregnant tonsillitis Tonsillitis

theoretically could harm both mother and fetus.First of all, because of tonsillitis may begin toxicosis already at a late stage of pregnancy that triggers a miscarriage.Furthermore, it may be held fetal intrauterine infection.Women who suffer from this disease tend to have a very weak immune systems, causing a low resistance to other diseases.Clinical trials show that tonsillitis causes of premature birth and a weak labor activity.Because women who know that are infected by the disease shall take all measures for its speedy recovery.To facilitate delivery, usually appointed by elective caesarean section.


Doctors strongly recommend to start the treatment of tonsillitis before the time of pregnancy.This will allow avoiding unnecessary risks for the woman and for the baby.If it so happened that before pregnancy a woman could not be cured, it is best to consult a doctor who will be able to pick up any drugs, promoting safe for both mother and child cure.Surely everyone knows that the use of drugs during pregnancy should be strictly limited, because of the self-medication can be considered.

Normally during pregnancy, experts recommend taking Tantum Verde in the form of a spray and a tablet Lisobakt that need to be resolved.Preparations not only possess anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties, which ensures the elimination of both the causes of the disease and its symptoms.In certain cases, and can be administered antibiotics, but only if it is determined that the harm from them will be less than that of the disease-causing Streptococcus.Sometimes prescribed dietary supplements that help boost the immune system and thereby accelerate the healing process.

Treatment of tonsillitis using folk remedies

Enough ill tonsillitis in its chronic form prefer to pay their attention to folk treatments.Typically, these methods recommend the use of inhaled, gargle and take internal various natural remedies.It argued that folk remedies did not harm either the mother or the child, but in reality it is not so.To be precise, the various herbal teas, tinctures and oils have a gentle, but not quite safe exposure.

Propolis propolis

It is perhaps the most popular treatment for tonsillitis.It can be applied as small pieces or as an extract or alcohol (aqueous) solution.This tool is almost completely harmless, but do not forget that for some people it can cause allergic reactions.Upon contact with mucous membranes it is possible occurrence of itching, burning, or redness.Using this tool may be appropriate only after the doctor's advice.


Sometimes adenoid recommended to be treated with infusions and decoctions.An example is the decoction of burdock root, horsetail or red beet.Traditional medicine recommends to use them not only for domestic reception, but also for rinsing.Juice Horsetail is appropriate to lubricate the tonsils, but be aware that there may be painful, because they themselves are inflamed tonsils.


Traditional medicine is widely practiced application of inhalation.They can be made using eucalyptus, potato, sage, pine buds, thyme etc.Sometimes used and hot tubs, but they can not be abused, however, as the inhalation.Because of frequent overheating of the body condition can further deteriorate.Steam Bath head is prohibited in the case of hypersensitivity skin or the blood vessels to dilate.


To prepare tinctures is better to resort to the use of dried flowers peppermint, St. John's wort, cornflower, or willow bark.It is recommended to use all these means to gargle, with more regular rinse, the better the final result.But it is necessary to note the presence of side properties: chamomile broth is a disorder of the menstrual cycle, and therefore pregnant strictly prohibited to use the broth.

There is still no definite answer to the question of whether a useful national treatment of tonsillitis, or whether it is harmful.Sometimes unconventional methods much more effective than those that offer us classical medicine.Despite the healing properties of some folk remedies can be dangerous for the body, and therefore in this case it is necessary to take into account all its features, it is best to make a doctor.

author of the publication: Alex Kulagin

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