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Blood Pregnancy

known that the first and third trimester of gestation the baby is the period when the increased risk of various pathologies that can harm your crumbs.Home pregnancy or close isolation may scare a pregnant appearance of blood.Bleeding can be vaginal and uterine.Any pregnant woman who looks forward to the baby is likely to be frightened when she saw the blood, because such symptom is tempting to think that something is wrong with the baby.

Blood pregnancy, blood during pregnancy

Pregnant women need to know that not every bleeding is potentially dangerous for their crumbs.In the first trimester of pregnancy minor bleeding should not cause significant concern on the part of pregnant women.You could even say that the bleeding in the first trimester is a variant of the norm.The appearance of blood may be due to the fact that the small pieces of uterine tissue are rejected, causing uterine discharge that may be brown, brown or red.As a rule, such bleeding are plentiful.Also, do not be frightened if they are accompanied by slight cramping.In any

case, it will be good if the woman will control the process and seek medical advice.

bleeding in early pregnancy may be triggered by the erosion of the cervix, when the increased blood flow to the cervix leads to release of blood.Furthermore, the bleeding can be triggered by certain types of tumors that do not pose a threat to the life of the mother or the child.Such benign polyps usually disappear or be painlessly removed.Do not be scared if a doctor makes you such a diagnosis, because such tumors is not capable of adversely affect the course of pregnancy.As a rule, when the bleeding polyps scant and pain are absent.

There are cases when bleeding begins in the early stages can be dangerous for the mother.It is about:

  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • cancer tumors;
  • miscarriage;
  • severe cervical pathology;
  • infection of the vagina;
  • varicose blood vessels of the external genitalia.

Remember that the worst complication that may occur during pregnancy, it is a miscarriage, which usually begins with bleeding.Author

publications: Leonid Guryev

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