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Mortgage for young family

Mortgage for young family for young families in Russia in 2014, the mortgage has become almost the only option to have their own housing.Start building a home or save up to buy an apartment in the home has become very difficult.The reason for this - high inflation, cost of living and housing has become high, as a young specialist hard to find a permanent job a good wage.

buy mortgages young family, it is the same as the sign of a lifetime agreement on voluntary work for the benefit of the bank.All the same, a large number of young families in Russia are doing a risky move.

sure to be aware that there is a government program to help young families, it needs to get a mortgage.

buying property, you can get a subsidy from the state mortgage program is the young family.You can get a mortgage program banks.For young families, many banks are mortgage programs.All of them, of course, did not like each other, and so do not look to the state subsidy program (young family).

The main difference between using banks to young families and

state program that the state does not require the return of funds.The state program allows to receive a subsidy for housing permanently, in the event that a family needs to improve housing conditions.

Banks in contrast to the state of the program, its customers that does not give, but may offer an option:

cut interest rates, a small initial contribution or lack thereof, make it possible to defer payment without penalty, as a preferential lending.

for something that would get the mortgage program, the young family should do the following:

receive government subsidies:

- those persons who need to improve housing conditions;

necessary to enter the program (young family) after receive a certificate that confirms the right to subsidize;

- contact the Department of JSC "Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending", it was created by the Government of the Russian Federation for the implementation of programs to improve the conditions of housing for young families who need it.

To participate in the programs of the bank, the bank need to get clarification regarding the programs of the relevant conditions, and then select the desired programs is credit.

Conditions for obtaining a mortgage.

All banks offer the conditions for the mortgage program "young family".There are universal terms.

conditions that would draw young family mortgage, you must:

age requirement;

need to pay the initial payment (it is obtained as a percentage of the value of the property and is about 10% and above);

should have a permanent job and a stable income.

Additional requirements to obtain subsidies:

-Age members of a young family (up to 35 years);

-The need to recognize family needs to improve housing conditions.

- to comply with the condition that at least 10 years in a particular region should be spelled family.

mortgage paperwork.

For registration of mortgages usually require employees to list the following:

-copy original passport;

-copy original certificate of registration of residence;

-Documents marital status, copies;

-copy labor book attested by the employer;

-copy employment contract (additional agreement, witnessed by the employer);

- the original certificate in the format of 2-PIT;

- filled a request to the employer in order to confirm the information about income.

for a final decision on granting mortgage banks family the right to request additional document types.

Banks that work with the program "Young family"

list of banks that provide mortgage lending program "Young family"

- Gazprombank

- Agricultural Bank

- OTP Bank

- VTB 24

- Sberbank


Bank should be chosen carefully if young family will dare to take a mortgage, for example, under the new buildings of St. Petersburg or Moscow.

author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov