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Can I listen to loud music pregnant?

Every pregnant woman knows for sure that her condition is very useful to listen to classical music.Bach and Mozart in the womb is formed from a child's harmonious and comprehensive development of the personality.Expectant mothers are often advised to attend a symphony concert or to buy tickets to the musical "Phantom of the Opera" in Moscow, 2014-2015 ( mums often wonder if the baby will not be afraid of loud noises.At what volume to listen to the classics?Let's try to figure out whether the baby is useful string quartet in all its might.

Music has a tremendous impact on a person.It is, in short, is a proven fact that using those or other sounds can affect the mood and even health.Aggressive and violent rhythms lead to insomnia and nervous disorders.Classical, relaxing music, on the contrary, lowers blood pressure and calms the heart.This music, in some cases even cure various diseases, such as stomach ulcers.

important aspect is the volume of the music.Quiet

sounds stabilize the nervous system, and loud can lead to chronic headaches and hearing loss.

Music and baby
So what will happen to the baby if the mother loves the music louder?The researchers found that, overall, too dynamic music expectant mothers is contraindicated.The noise which the parameters exceeds 90 decibels, is very harmful to the child's health.Even the quiet listening to rock makes the child very much to worry about.The mother may feel at this time, as her baby is literally "dancing" in the womb.In the child at this time is very greatly increased heart rate, breathing rate and muscle tone.

Japanese doctors believe that women who abuse listening loud and aggressive music, often wears a baby to term.In addition, children born to such mothers can keep up with the weight of their peers, and have birth defects.Therefore, pregnant women attending public events such as rock concerts and other noisy speeches is not recommended.

Child and classic
That is why the future mums recommend listening to classical music.It is proved that a quiet, relaxing music helps to have a calm and healthy child.

In addition, classical music has a positive effect on the baby's intelligence.Scientists have found that some of the brain cells after birth are in an atrophied state.And hypothesized that the blame for their lack of demand during fetal development.And in fact the number of nerve cells determines the level of intelligence and mental maturity of a person.

That is why the expectant mother must be somewhere in the 14 th week of pregnancy to engage with your child: read it and listen to music.It is best to use a professional-quality recording.For example, apply to the abdomen headphones with disabled bass.Time music session - a maximum of 40 minutes.

Can I attend the opera
main rule in any business, especially during pregnancy - is the lack of fanaticism.If you do not carry the classics - no need to torture yourself.If you love to listen to music out loud - so listen to health, only know the measure.Much more harm to your child bring his mother suffering from the fact that now it is deprived of all the usual pleasures.Hardly opera singers during pregnancy refuse to go on stage, referring to the calculations of Japanese scientists.Music can help you and your child feel better, but if these quiet and boring rhythms you fall into despair, put the usual tracks and dance to with the baby.

Remember, you are well, and he was fine.So if you are accustomed to December 31 to go, for example, the musical, go to the theater and have fun.

author of the publication: Olga Sergeeva

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