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The swelling of the mammary glands during pregnancy

the swelling breast of a pregnant - absolutely natural.Within nine months of the expectant mother is actively preparing to feed the baby, so small changes in the breast are objective.At this time, a woman is experiencing an increased sensitivity of breast, so even touching the breast of clothing can cause discomfort.

The swelling of the mammary glands during pregnancy, discharge from the breast

main cause swelling of the breast is the activation of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.Under their influence mammary glands may increase and change pigmentation.

When breast tenderness often stands colostrum, a liquid light or yellowish color.The appearance of colostrum is a preparatory stage in pregnant before feeding the baby.Selections begin the sixth month of pregnancy, and are composed of a few drops of liquid.Colostrum can deliver the woman discomfort and pain, so experts recommend to take advantage of the medical chest pads, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.They are simple and easy to use and can be used both during pregnancy and after delivery.

pregnant need time to make an appointment with the doctor-mammologu who make a comprehensive survey and will be able in time to avoid possible complications in the early stages.As a rule, mammalogy and gynecologists have raised awareness, advising expectant mothers on the mechanism of breast care during pregnancy and how to protect against injury nipples during breast milk.

when swollen mammary glands can be made the following recommendations to eliminate the pain:

  1. take douches, alternately directing the cool and warm streams of water in the breast;
  2. do simple gymnastic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest;
  3. use special cosmetic creams to maintain the elasticity and natural shape of the breast;
  4. wearing bras made exclusively from natural fabrics that will prevent further possible injury nipples.

important to remember that during pregnancy the breast may be subject to minor changes, so do not worry seriously about this, and it is better to be sure to consult an experienced doctor, and he proposed to carry out the recommendations.

author of the publication: Valery Samoylov

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