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Choose clothes for pregnant women

main rule when choosing clothes for the mother - is a comfort and a free cut.You can not squeeze the stomach and endure the inconvenience.Fortunately, the range of modern shops allows a woman to look stylish at any stage of pregnancy.And even if you can not choose what they like, you can always appeal to the sewing room.They can help you or adjust already bought the thing, or sew something original for your figure of a beautiful and eco-friendly fabrics (buy fabric here)


In the early stages of a woman, as a rule, suited her "doberemennye"things.The stomach begins to grow somewhere in the 20 th week (except for second or multiple pregnancy) and until then, you can still wear the usual dresses, blouses and skirts.But do not forget: too much pressure on the stomach can cause fetal hypoxia.In other words, while you are sculpting materials are trying to return a little bit blurred waist, your baby simply suffocating.

Remember, you still have time to enjoy corsets.And now emphasize his fortune!

Enjoy the new forms.They, incidentally, perfectly accentuate the dress of the "Empire" (bell-bottomed down from the chest), and spacious short dress in the style of "baby-dol".Focus on your stomach and help-shirt Keystone, skirt- "pencil" with a free shirt or blouse, trousers "on the hips" and tight-fitting T-shirt, light and bright fabrics with no lack of decor and ornaments.

Keep in mind that we are talking about skirts and jeans with a special insert for the growing belly.

If for some reason you do not want to advertise your pregnancy, do the accent on accessories: wear a vest spacious and decorations emphasize cleavage, choose clothes with vertical lines or bright pattern.


Avoid synthetics to natural fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton, as they do not cause allergic reactions often occur during pregnancy.

outdoor fabrics may not be completely natural, since it is not in contact with the skin, but it is desirable that they include natural ingredients present.If selected windbreaker, its fabric, of course, would be artificial, since it must comply with windproof and water-repellent function.But it must be a natural lining and is made of cotton, instead of polyester.

Down jacket to be filled is down, not synthetic padding.It retains heat better, and therefore will not allow the expectant mother sick.

Lingerie Bras for pregnant women is better to buy in early pregnancy.Chest begins to grow rapidly in the first days.Moreover, it changes inside.You need a special support bra or top with wide straps and a convenient cup.Avoid all sorts of "seed" and "push-ups" do not squeeze the chest.

Once the belly clearly take shape, think about buying a special panties (you can choose underwear with a symbolic shroud), as well as tights.If you have a tendency to varicose veins, contact phlebologist the recipe on compression stockings.He chooses the right amount of compression you (pressure, in other words).


Forget about high heels.Your perfect now - it pumps or shoes with a heel of 3-4 cm. High heels are harmful to the spine, which is the load on and so has increased markedly.In winter, wear comfortable boots or shoes.Make sure that they do not slip: the decline may end in tears for you and for your baby.

author of the publication: Elena Maximova

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