Medications in Pregnancy

Amoxiclav during pregnancy

for pregnant women is very important to do everything possible to eliminate the risk of any possible complications during gestation her krovinochku.Among the risks is not the most recent are the diseases whose treatment is impossible without medication.


We all know that pregnancy is best to avoid any medications from the list of substances that enter the body of the future mother.But, alas, very few people manage to nine months to avoid a meeting with the microorganisms that cause disease.If this unwanted such meeting took place, and the woman was ill, it immediately raises the question - whether it is to treat the disease during pregnancy?And if, nevertheless, treated, how and with what?

While carrying a child must always be treated very carefully and any infectious disease.Otherwise, there is a huge risk of infection with the baby in the womb, which entails the development of serious complications, and - the risk that a child will be born sick and not always curable.

Sometimes inflammation is br

ought to treat with antibiotics, which is quite adequate in pregnancy anxiety.It so happens that the experience for the safety of the baby even become a cause of failure of antibiotic therapy.However, it is absolutely vain, as this may complicate the situation even more.

In fact, it makes no sense to be afraid, because no self-respecting doctors do not prescribe medication expectant mother, threatening her child.There are drugs, clinical and laboratory studies which allow to use them relatively safe.

These drugs have many years is a drug called Amoxiclav.It may appoint a pregnant woman in diseases:

• respiratory system;

• upper respiratory tract;

• kidney and urinary tract;

• gynecological.

Amoxiclav - combined broad-spectrum antibiotic.The main active ingredients in this preparation are the amoxicillin and clavulanic acid.

Despite the fact that Amoxiclav is one of the safest antibiotics for pregnant women, it can also be administered only carefully analyzed picture of the disease, and of course - correlating the possible risks and anticipated benefits of the drug.

The instructions to Amoksiklava also refers to the fact that this antibiotic may be effective and relatively safe during pregnancy.The main condition for security - only to take it on prescription and under no circumstances exceed the dosage.And yet, in order to use an antibiotic in pregnancy, even if it Amoksiklav, requiring very good reason.

Amoxiclav available as

• suspension;

• tablets;

• powder for injection.

Doctors unanimously argue that Amoxiclav used in any of the above variations can be, from the earliest stages of pregnancy without fear of negative impact.Additionally, it bears no harm if it was used in a time when pregnancy fact was not known.That is why if you are planning a baby and, in principle, may be pregnant, be sure to tell your doctor.

In most cases Amoxiclav well tolerated in pregnant women, but, nevertheless, sometimes can occur side effects.Among them:

• nausea;

• vomiting;

• diarrhea;

• headache;

• dizziness.

If you are faced with the manifestation of any of the above symptoms, you should inform your doctor.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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