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Can I be pregnant if you go monthly

Can I be pregnant if you go monthly

If you are tormented by the question whether it is possible to be pregnant, if you are monthly, then this article is sure to be useful to you.Modern medicine is inclined to give an affirmative answer to this question, because it happens that the entire first month of pregnancy (or even more) there may be bleeding from the vagina.

With what it is connected?First of all, it's worth noting that you should not think that the month of pregnancy is the norm, it is not so!

If you continue to menstruation, when the pregnancy test is positive, it can only mean that you need to see a doctor.The fact that spotting the early stages of pregnancy may indicate some problems with the fetus or other complications - diseases, inflammatory processes and so on.

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Strictly speaking, if you know you are pregnant, the month are not the norm, as they may indicate detachment of the ovum.If pregnancy is not desired for you, but the pregnancy test is positive, then you should definitely see a doctor,

because you can really be pregnant, and the blood indicates some problems of your reproductive system.

author of the publication: Svyatoslav Sitnikov

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