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Home births: comfort, or undue risk?

Every mother certainly wishes for their child the best.Since its appearance in her stomach, day after day, she decides in favor of his well-being, often sacrificing their own interests.And one day, after reading about all the delights of home birth, she inevitably thinks about, not whether to give birth at home?I am well, and the baby will be born in an atmosphere of love and peace.House also available in all whims.Yes, even the sushi ordered in any area of ​​the city (for example, sushi delivery Mytishchi )!Let's talk about the pros and cons of home births.

In ancient religions believed that birth - this is the moment when the fate of the mother and child are crossed.The fact is that each person, according to religion, destined to be born in a certain way.And if your childbirth are complications, then there is not your fault.Such is the fate of your baby.

However, we live in the 21st century, and the proverbial fate can often change an ordinary gynecologist.However, to begin with talk about t

he arguments in favor of home birth.

№1 home birth - it is comfort and peace.You give birth in a familiar homely atmosphere than significantly reduces the risk of accumulation in the blood stress hormones.As a result of births are less pain and complications.Next to your husband and family.The first thing that will see your newborn baby will not ward tiles and Papa good person.

№2 Childbirth - a natural process.All give birth - and nothing else.Our great-grandmother gave birth to all fields, in between the heavy agricultural work.To give birth, and then went to mow hay or dig potatoes.The main thing is to trust your body, and then everything goes like clockwork.

№3 In this process, you will be helping the midwife with a lot of experience.She tells how to turn and how to breathe.This is the midwife, who was watching you the entire pregnancy.Unlike your grandparents you are not one, but with a specialist.

№4 In a pinch, you can go to the ambulance to the hospital.Fortunately, it is a five minute drive away.

№6 Though hardly need be.The complications in home births are very rare, much rarer than in hospitals.And if the mother feels comfortable, the need for medical vmeshatelstvekrayne small.Only 10% of women required hospital care hospital.

№7 In civilized countries (such as Europe and the United States) all have been giving birth at home.This advanced state, and Russia should learn from their best practices.Give birth at home safely.

Why doctors against

Despite all the arguments of home birth, doctors around the world against this practice.For example, in the same US or Europe to give birth at home dilution only completely healthy women without the slightest deviation from the norm.If something goes wrong, then they are placed in the general hospital order.

The fact that labor is the ordinary case of a second can turn into a case for books.And then neither mother nor child will not be able to help doctors.Most often, children die in home birth because of hypoxia (as a consequence of weak labor my mother or if she had a clinically narrow pelvis).These kids could have saved, for example, a cesarean section or induction of labor, however, hired a midwife to the last draw with urgent measures, forcing a woman "to give birth naturally, as a grandmother."A mom can open heavy bleeding as a result of which she can die in minutes.

problem is that naturally - does not mean safe.All deviations in childbirth - in general, it is also natural.Let us remember the law of natural selection: due to natural genetic mutations, some individuals can not reproduce, and their offspring die soon after birth.

Moreover, the statistics - this is a very fine science.It is very important that it is compared with what.The fact is that once a woman give birth at home, enters the hospital with complications, it is from the group of lucky women who gave birth at home happily and comfortably, falls into the group of accidents, rodorazreshivshihsya in agony in hospital.Statistics maternity hospitals and ports.

In addition, a home birth in our country legalized.That is, open and accurate data on them simply can not be.

However, there is research in which the planned births compared with low risk.That is normal, healthy women giving birth at home and in hospital.As a result, it was found that, of course, the number of complications in home births is lower than those who gave birth in hospitals.But!Neonatal mortality (ie up to 28 days of life) in children born at home, in the two times higher than among children who were born in hospitals.

Advocates of home birth certainly be objected that if a woman is properly prepared and trust in your body, it all these troubles will bypass.But what are the criteria of proper training?Who are its estimates?If this training is not enough?And where does the training!Cats give birth for the first time, do not understand what is happening to them, but give birth to healthy normal kittens.

A ambulance can get stuck in a traffic jam.Or do you have inside it can get from traffic jams.And every second counts, and breathing child can not make it to revive.

Finally, legal home birth does not exist, there are services of midwives who specialize in these sorts, not licensed.Accordingly, this service is no quality criteria.Moreover, if you, God forbid, something goes wrong on the scenario, this sweet woman, I assure you that she is "one hundred and fifty children took" hardly punished.Because technically it - nobody.No doctor or nurse.And how will you prove that it's not "your girlfriend who went to drink tea, and then here is"?

Therefore, before deciding in favor of home birth rate all risks.You mother, you bear the responsibility.But is it worth to sacrifice their lives for the benefit of its own crumbs of comfort?Is not it easier to endure three to five days in the hospital and to live happily with a healthy baby?

Moreover, you can pre-select a doctor you trust and ask him to different kinds of stimulation, he spent only a last resort.In other words, it is possible to have a "natural" and in the hospital.To give birth, knowing that you are in good hands, much more comfortable, since we are talking about comfort.

author of the publication: Elena Maximova

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