Before and after childbirth

What we do during childbirth

best option the lack of breaks immediately at birth - is to follow the instructions obstetrician-gynecologist.Remember not to push when you forbid it to do.Conversely, when the expert says that this is the time, it is necessary to follow his instructions.


It is best to talk with your doctor, who will take delivery, in advance, of course, if the opportunity is.Learn to listen to your body's signals, in fact, it tells you in what position you will be as comfortable as possible.

most important thing - not to worry, because, otherwise, the woman begins to clamp that blocks muscle strain.This situation is exacerbated not only your state, but also complicates the promotion of the baby through the birth canal.

course, make it extremely difficult, so it is very important the correct emotional state.Try to breathe and relax.And remember that the passage of the birth depends entirely on what your attitude to them.

What measures are acceptable for use after childbirth

continuously strives to train the mus

cles of the pelvis, even after delivery.This then helps to avoid loss of the uterus and the rectum.In addition, the elasticity of the muscles will increase the degree of sexual pleasure your partner.And for the next delivery, if you believe it is possible, good physical preparation will serve you well and give birth, you will be even easier than the first time.

Good luck with your labor!And let the tears and cuts do not darken your joy of the birth of your baby!

author of the publication: Olga Lazareva

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