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Cartoons for the little ones

Cartoons for the little ones

Do you know at what age it is possible to resolve the youngest kids to watch cartoons, and which ones will not harm and will be able to entertain your baby?Let's talk about this.

debate about whether the kids to watch educational cartoons or not, do not stop.Some parents believe that until the child is five years, it is by no means impossible to keep away close to the computer and the TV.

Others, on the contrary, assert that the modern world, thanks to the technological revolution, is impossible to imagine without a computer, so it will be better if children learn about them from an early age.Especially because there are so many developing cartoons for children almost from birth.Let's look at some cartoons that you can watch the children from six months old.

Educational cartoons for the youngest children from six months:

1. Let's start with a developing applets as "child prodigy from the cradle."This program - a simulator that shows the colorful pictures and names what is shown to

them, and the parents can select the interval, which will be shown pictures and verbal their designation.

2. «Baby Einstein» - is developing a series of short cartoons, which tells about the animals, transport numbers, countries of geometric figures on the form, etc.In addition, the background music kmultserialam are classic works of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Rossini.Thanks to these cartoons child is acquainted with the world and develop their abilities.

3. Russian animated series "Luntik" already gave the world five seasons with a lot of developmental series.Luntik - the protagonist of this cartoon, little creature, who flew to the Earth from the moon.He is very kind, nice, helpful and open, which always helps others in a difficult situation.All the kids trust this fabulous hero, and for good reason, because it can teach them good.In each series, the child learns about the moral values ​​of civility and love.In addition to spiritual qualities, the kid can learn from the animated series about the right things, which he did not know, and something for which they are intended.

4. Developing cartoon "Encyclopedia of know-all" tells kiddies in an accessible form to all the world: how to fly planes, why the grass is green, etc.

5. developing cartoon series "Arithmetic baby" and "Geography of the baby" has very good reviews.For example, in a series of "ABC baby" of each letter is removed colorful mini cartoon, which is very interesting to tell about it, and at the same time provides numerous examples.

6. «Trains of Chaggingtona" -razvivayuschy series that will appeal to many children, especially boys.The main characters of the animated series - unusual children - trains, very sweet, kind and funny.They, like all kids, love to paint, learn and help others who need their help.
7. Developing animated series "Mickey Mouse Club" is characterized by the fact that children, along with their favorite Disney characters, will be familiar with colors, shapes, geometric figures.There is already very little one can help cartoon characters to solve any problem.Mickey Mouse and his friends will be singing and dancing along with the kids who are watching this wonderful cartoon.

8. Of course, the animated short film "bug" - is developing an animated series.It's very funny, but not deprived of philosophical overtones, cartoons.Plus, happy excellent musical accompaniment.Undoubtedly, such a series like not only to children but also their parents.

9. Soviet cartoons - where the same without them.This universal educational cartoons for all ages.We grew up on them, we believe in them, and, of course, our babies need to see them.However, in contrast to the time when we were waiting for days show our favorite cartoon is now a child can see them at any time and that the cartoon that he wants.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov

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