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Can I get pregnant from mucus

Can I get pregnant from mucus

attend to the question whether it is possible to conceive of mucus, it is worth remembering that such a scenario is really possible.The fact is that during unprotected sexual intercourse, even if ejaculation does not come from a man's penis is allocated a small number of sperm.With the naked eye you can not even notice them, but this does not mean that they are not.If they get to the external or internal genitalia, the chances of conception itself appears.

Do not underestimate the possibility of pregnancy, and also in case if you are practicing with your partner interrupted sexual intercourse or petting and mutual affection, where a certain amount of semen can get to the woman's genitals.In this case, it is not surprising "suddenly" come pregnancy, because a baby after having sex without penetration, but with a complete lack of condom use is quite possible!

Always remember this when going to enjoy the pastime with his second half, because pregnancy and motherhood should be a welcome and demand, and

not to bring problems.

author of the publication: Ivan Kudryavtsev

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