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Otitis during pregnancy

Once you get sick otitis, then surely, whenever referred to the disease, discomfort and then visit you.This is quite natural.It recognizes the pain medicine in the case of otitis media among the most powerful.Typically, the disease is treated with antibiotics, but this option should be ruled out for a woman who is in the process of carrying a child.In this case, you should consider which method of treatment is very effective, but it is safe for the baby and the expectant mother.

Otitis during pregnancy, treatment of otitis media during pregnancy

What is otitis

This disease can be understood as an ear infection, and it does not matter whether it is a domestic, middle or outer ear.In the case of otitis externa inflamed skin external auditory canal, and when it comes to the middle ear, it inflamed the tympanic cavity located behind the eardrum.Keep in mind that sometimes the pain in the ear may be extraneous to the very nature and the ear does not apply.Typically, otitis media occurs as a complication of already postponed colds, although there are cases where it trig

gers infection.

Once pregnant began to complain of pain in the ear, you should immediately send it to eke out a.It is important to remember not to put your ear to the hot water bottle, because when it comes to purulent inflammation, a method of treatment not only help, but also be dangerous.If over the next couple of hours you can not visit a doctor, but the pain only increased while, you can take something on their own.First of all, a drip nose drops having vasoconstrictor activity.For this purpose, suitable Nazivin and for instillation into the ear otinum apply.When you still will be time to go to the doctor, do not forget to wear a headdress - it will help protect against hypothermia or drafts.

methods of treatment of otitis

If pregnancy is extremely difficult to find an effective and safe drug in the treatment of choice because small.Mainly, you should pay attention to the drugs that are made of plant-based, or with the addition of natural oils.In addition, the help will be able to nose drops with vasoconstrictor activity.However, be aware that these drugs can adversely affect placental blood flow, and therefore they can be used only if prescribed by a doctor.Among quite a large number of drugs that can be dripped into the ear, for pregnant women is best to choose Otipaks.This drug is aimed at eliminating the pain, but we must remember that it can not be used if damaged eardrum.

should not be neglected antibacterial drugs, but only if complications are present, such as the accumulation of pus or the temperature is too high.The doctor must make a choice, and usually he prefers Biseptolum or Amoxicillin.If the pus is too much, the doctor may make a cut to the accumulation of pus can emerge.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov

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