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Can a virgin get pregnant

Can a virgin get pregnant

It often happens that young girls are interested in the question of whether a virgin to conceive.At first glance, the question seems naive, but not so simple.The fact is that, even keeping the hymen can be pregnant.Often it is enough just a few sperm that hit the outer genitals, and soon you can expect heaps of sliders and bibs.

In order to understand exactly what we need to say a few words about the hymen.

As is well known, it is not always solid and dense ball that did not pass.Often the membrane is also a so-called smooth-edged structure, and that means are present gaps through which can penetrate the sperm even when very vaginal sexual intercourse was not.

That is why young people should be extremely careful while mutual petting and affection, as some risk of pregnancy when the sperm enters into the region of the external genitalia and the further penetration of sperm to the destination is stored.If there are doubts about the existence of pregnancy - it would be better to visit an obstetrician


author of the publication: Alice Egorov

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