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Joint labor with her husband: for and against

Joint childbirth - husband near during childbirth

Disputes about necessity of the presence of his father at the birth of the child being a long time.Both opponents and supporters of the cause in proof of his words many arguments, so the expectant mother is very difficult to choose the right solution and firmly answer the question: "Do I need a husband in childbirth."

This article contains most of the pros and cons of the presence of men in the maternity ward, with the famous words of the woman who gave birth to her husband.Should I go on such a step is necessary, or is harmful, what are the possible consequences and what to do souped dads - we will try to give an answer.

Here is a video of birth, which can look online and find out clearly how the process of birth of the child in practice.

joint childbirth with her husband.Positive sides.

presence of the child's father on the birth psychologically relaxes woman.Feeling that she was not alone, that a number of people not indifferent, who is willing to support it in every way, and divide the

gravity of the situation, makes childbirth easier and detracts from the painful process.

husband takes a direct part in the appearance of the child.Massaging the back and abdomen, causing staff and accompanying women giving birth in the toilet, it not only creates the necessary comfort women, but also feels the necessity and unconsciously brings worries about the future of the child itself.It stimulates the emergence of the paternal instinct, and later a nursing baby daddy is on a par with his mother.

After the joint labor, the couple's relationship to a new level, imbued with a sense of unity, tenderness and trepidation.The couple really start to feel the baby, and a single entity, because he was born of joint efforts.Man is not just a man, whose blood flows in the veins of the baby, but also a full member of the sacrament of birth, a woman imbued with the idea that any burdens and concerns can be shared with loved ones.

presence of male nurses stimulate a more friendly and cordial attitude to women in childbirth.Just spouse can always control the drugs, appointed her to learn about their effects and contraindications.

And finally, the birth of the child in society, the faithful - a fashion trend, rave reviews of which are filled with pages of magazines and the web.After reading about the ease of delivery with the beloved woman psychologically prepare yourself for the process, which allows to reduce the number of natural fear, moral tension and stress arising in advance of the unknown.

downside joint delivery.

Some women feel the presence of the spouse at birth inappropriate.Experiencing pain during labor and delivery directly, they blame their feelings man.And at the same time they see him standing there and not feel discomfort that irritates and inflame an already difficult situation.The spouse at the same time blames himself for passivity and inability to ease the pain of the second half, and irritability, and failures in his direction may reflect badly on the further development of relations.If the family and before that was not a very good climate, the situation can cause a rupture.

man may overestimate their willingness to attendance at birth, and at the crucial moment to panic or lose consciousness, thus forcing doctors to switch over instead to help women in childbirth.

Opponents joint childbirth believe that birth - a sacrament, besides a woman must remain a mystery.A knowledge of the anatomy better learn from a textbook than in practice, de also in such a piquant situation.

fairly large group of women just seem shy in front of her husband as inappropriate, let alone a situation where the husband devotes his wife in a toilet or see a loved one with disheveled hair, tossing in pain among the bloodied sheets and mucus simply brings them into horror.Therefore, in the presence of a spouse is a woman from complexes about the appearance that it can be distracting and negatively impact on the process of giving birth.

And finally, the most powerful argument against - loss of sexual desire of men to his wife after all gone.Moreover, the husband can treat once sexually attractive to a woman with a hint of disgust or revulsion.This is a fairly common reaction men, and after the birth of his missus joint previously beloved woman turns into a mother of his son or daughter.Rectify the situation can only work competent expert psychologist.

to help men.

If you have decided on the presence of a generic, should prepare in advance.Select special training courses, study literature.By the process needs to prepare mentally and intellectually, it is necessary to know and understand everything that is happening, to be able to help and support their favorite.

Let the wife feel secure.In no case can not panic and rush.Be confident, calm and reasonable.Can you explain what is happening with her spouse, based on the knowledge gleaned.

1. Follow the breathing process.Sometimes by example is much clearer than the flow of information "just right."Did not hesitate to show you how to breathe in different situations.Pat the beloved head, or let yourself keep the hand during attempts and fights.

2. Take the time to learn massage techniques to release tension from the abdomen and lower back during contractions.To control the entire process, looking into the most intimate, is not necessary.Enough presence in the headboard.In no case should not criticize the actions of the medical staff or prompt them to do.Just do what they say.

3. Be prepared to leave the room at the first signs of distress, busy with other doctors.At sharp change of attitude of his wife to leave the joint is also out.All discussions until later.

4. If a spouse wants to joint delivery, and you are not, or are not confident in their abilities - Stay with the woman during labor and delivery at the start of wait somewhere else.If the favorite starts to insist, you can always refer to the nervousness, anxiety, and other men's weaknesses.

And finally I want to say that the joint labor - this is a very important decision that is taken only together and with full awareness of the possible consequences.Dear women, in any case, do not push their loved ones to take this step, based on the positive experience of colleagues, friends or distant relative.The man himself has to want it.Otherwise joint childbirth are fraught with complications, which in normal circumstances would have been avoided.And light a wedge has not converged on the husband, perhaps in the delivery of its very successful substitute mother or sister.

In any case, you and your husband give birth or not, this is not the most important thing.The main thing is that the light will be the new man, who will love you just because you're his mother.Happiness to you and your loved ones.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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