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Jodomarin during pregnancy

often there that the doctor prescribes medication Jodomarin future mom.The name of the drug makes it clear that a member of this drug include iodine, which is important not only for the developing baby in your womb, but also for your own body as well.Not all future moms know how important iodine is for the body and the face of its insufficient supply.The fact that iodine is a component that is part of the iodine-containing thyroid hormones - thyroxine and triiodothyronine.The thyroid gland produces another hormone - calcitonin, which is not involved in iodine and calcium metabolism.But now the question of iodine.


not forget that hormones containing iodine, directly affect the formation and development of the brain of your offspring!That is why it is important to compensate for the deficiency of iodine, because with insufficient intake of this trace element there is a risk of malformation of the brain of the baby.The worst complication of the disease can be called cretinism.If you are not getting eno

ugh iodine in the very beginning of pregnancy, then there may be a risk of miscarriage.It seems that after the sound of these arguments becomes clear why iodine is so important.That is why doctors often prescribe Jodomarin pregnant.If your doctor has advised you Jodomarin, do not rush to abandon his admission!You just need to know some aspects of the characteristics of this product, and strictly follow the instructions of your doctor about taking medication.

Jodomarin can help you not only to make up for the lack of this element, but also to make the prevention of iodine deficiency disorders.It is known that thyroid hormones are responsible for the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body, and also directly affect the state of the brain, heart and reproductive system.Usually, the doctor himself appoints the dosage, but it so happens that the doctor says nothing about the necessary quantity of the drug.What to do in such a case?

Most often the body's need for iodine in pregnant women from additional sources is 200 micrograms / day.Please note that the product is available in different doses, and do not confuse anything, because it can be fraught with complications.If you purchased "Jodomarin 100", you should drink 2 tablets a day when "Jodomarin 200", then your daily intake - one tablet.Did not hurt still check with your doctor, what is the specific dose for you when you are thinking once again to visit the doctor.

Be very careful with the use of the drug and its dosage.Always pay attention to how many tablets you drink a day, because it so happens that in life we ​​can simply forget that already have taken one or two tablets.

If overdose Jodomarin occur following symptoms:

• diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain;

• metallic taste in the mouth;

• mucous membrane staining in brown.

If you notice signs of an overdose at, then you should be sure to stop taking the drug immediately and seek medical advice.Remember that you are responsible not only for himself but also for growing and developing in your womb a new life that needs your attention, support and every kind of care.If you strictly follow the daily dosage and do not exceed the daily rate of the drug, you are not at risk of overdose.The recommended doses Jodomarin absolutely safe for the health of the fetus and of your own.

It is also useful to know that Jodomarin does not affect the function of the body and concentration while driving, so you can take it if you drive, being pregnant.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov

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