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My girlfriend is pregnant - what to do

My girlfriend is pregnant - what to do

Very often, young couples, confronted with the onset of pregnancy, very scared.Of course, such a fear is natural, especially if partners are still quite young.Now the future of a young father feels painted themselves into a corner, but by and large, he only faced with the consequences of their own carelessness.You may be confused that fate brought about changes in your life.The main thing about what we must first think about it if you can make a commitment to be a good father of the unborn child, regardless of whether you join in marriage with the girl or not.While it may be marriage with my girlfriend, and there is nothing wrong?Very often such unexpected twists of fate lead to a happy ending.

But unfortunately, young couples, fearing angry parents often resort to abortion, absolutely not thinking about the consequences.So before you decide on a desperate act, think and analyze everything.After all, there is a way out of any situation.And here is a miracle - was born a new life!Perhaps, if you do w

ell, you'll have a year to enjoy every smile of your crumbs!

author of the publication: Eduard Belousov

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