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Phosphates in urine during pregnancy

throughout pregnancy baby urine test will excite you more than once.We have long been accustomed to the fact that the urine is normal there should be nothing superfluous: no protein, no salt, no red blood cells.But something from time to time and may themselves be.And it likely can be phosphate.

Phosphates in urine during pregnancy, urine pregnancy

presence of pregnancy in urine phosphate should not be a cause for panic.However, this is a warning sign, and it must necessarily pay attention.

What does the presence of phosphates in the urine during pregnancy?

presence in human urine phosphate called phosphaturia.There are false and the true phosphaturia.Misleading phosphaturia much more common and more easily cured.Its reason may be a variety of different factors.In fact, the appearance of phosphate in urine is not a disease but a syndrome.Here we must immediately think of a reason.After all, the condition or disease that caused the development phosphaturia, poses a real threat, not the phosphates.

which may indicate the presence of salt crystals?

During pregnancy, it is primarily a cloudy urine.The salts precipitate when changing the acid-alkaline urine.In the normal state of the body's PH urine is slightly acidic.But her response may be affected by several factors.This may be formed phosphates, urates or oxalates.If loss has occurred in the phosphate precipitate, it indicates that the reaction has shifted toward alkali.

appearance of phosphates during pregnancy - a fairly common occurrence, but it is a violation of the rules.When a woman bears a child, most of the salt consumed in the construction of its skeleton.Therefore, normally the number to the mother's body is reduced.

In the case of a disease or disorder of the kidneys in the urine may be formed phosphates.
phosphaturia evidence of an increased risk of kidney stones, and this is a real danger during pregnancy.Also the formation of phosphates may occur against inflammations in the urogenital system.

The safest and most easily treatable causes phosphaturia - a violation of the diet.It is necessary to avoid the dominance of the diet of dairy products and plant food.To promote the formation of phosphates may be prolonged diarrhea and vomiting, which occurs when the body loss of hydrochloric acid.This phenomenon often occurs during pregnancy with early toxicosis.

certain importance are the conditions of storage of urine to analyze, and it can also cause changes in the reaction.

What if phosphaturia during pregnancy?

If the urine test shows the presence of phosphates in the pregnancy, the doctor certainly will seek the reasons for their education.He will find out the composition of your diet and, if necessary, change your diet.It is also possible appointment of a diet with a predominance of eggs, meat, fish.Attention should be paid and your drinking regime.In case of phosphaturia should drink up to two and a half liters of fluid every day, while aware that hydrocarbonate-calcium mineral waters will only reinforce alkaline.

then need to do to test repeated analysis.If the presence of phosphate is confirmed, you will be assigned additional study of the kidneys, as phosphaturia arises as a consequence of violations of their work, and load them during pregnancy increases significantly.

Do not worry, if your urine is found phosphates.But ignore this situation, too, in any case, do not leave.Go through all the examinations and follow the recommendations of doctors.Most importantly, you do not care, and you feel good.

Note also the fact that a single occurrence of phosphates in the urine does not serve as a pretext for establishing the diagnosis.Trust your doctor diagnose and treat, and nothing to worry, worry is bad for you.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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