Diseases of pregnancy

Intestinal disorders during pregnancy

According to doctors, the main reason leading to intestinal disorders - unhealthy diet.Especially during pregnancy.During this period, the body, on the one hand, can make a strike on the reception of normal food, on the other - gastronomic demands innovations.So often after the "attack Jora", unusual for a normal ration of food, for example, exotic fruits or fast food can occur bowel disorder.

main symptoms in the disorder of the intestine are: pain in the stomach, cutting sharp abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, and vomiting.

Bowel disorders in pregnancy, the intestines during pregnancy

During the meal noodles or substandard products, the body can penetrate infection (most often E. coli), and cause bowel disorder.At the very first symptoms of food poisoning is an urgent need to see a doctor, because such a situation is very dangerous for the baby's health, and the health of the expectant mother.You also need to take drugs to the intestine (activated carbon, rehydron, smectite), and drink plenty of fluids, even before the arrival of the doctor.Of course, p

anic and kill is not necessary if there were pains in the intestines, but to drink Nospanum and absorbent means necessary.If the pain has not stopped - should immediately seek medical attention.

In the case where the intestinal disorder is manifested only as bloating, nausea, and no pain.That should just drink a medicine and restrict your diet easy soup.

diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain is most often caused by poisoning and contagious stick, so you can not in any case take risks and engage in self - you must immediately call a doctor.The only thing you can do is take antispasmodic until your doctor to reduce the pain a little bit.
should know that during the disorder should strictly adhere to a diet that does not cause deterioration.

Before the arrival of the doctor can not eat anything but crackers and tea.In the following days you will likely be spelled sour milk diet or a diet based on cereals.
As for the prevention of disorders of the intestine, everything is very simple: you need to carefully monitor the quality of the products that you eat.Take care of yourself and your unborn baby and stay healthy!

author of the publication: Eduard Belousov

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