Medications in Pregnancy

Epigenes spray during pregnancy

ecology of the modern world is far from perfect and often the person becomes vulnerable to a variety of viral infections.A pregnant woman is not an exception to this rule, but on the contrary, is more susceptible to diseases.But now she was not alone, she needs to take care of growing in it man.The most dangerous in this period for a woman herpes, papilloma viruses and other genital infections.However, many drugs are prohibited during this period.

Epigenes Spray

Epigenes spray during pregnancy

Epigenes spray during pregnancy can help.This spray is used to provide anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antipruritic effect and can strengthen the immune system.The main component is a spray glitsirizinovaya acid.It is able to interrupt the replication of viruses with early stages of the disease, and the outputs from virion capsids that prevents viruses to cells and promotes the formation of interferon, which is the main component of protection against viruses.Furthermore, this drug activates the regeneration of the skin and

mucous membranes, and produces a braking action due to the release of kinins in the cells of the connective tissue in the area of ​​inflammation.The very acid is released by using pharmacological extracted from licorice root.Acid is collected only in the affected area and is poorly absorbed into the blood and therefore this may be considered a safe drug, and be used to treat infections of the genitals.The only obstacle to its use can serve as an allergy to licorice root, which manifests itself in the form of dermatitis.In other cases, medication may be used during pregnancy and lactation.

recommended dosage

dosage of any pharmacological agents must appoint a physician.Usually spray formulation should be at a distance of 4 or 5 centimeters of surface area covered.This requires one or two pressing an atomizer.During the procedure, the spray should be shaken and kept in a vertical direction.When deeper lesions of the genital tract is necessary to use a special nozzle and is granted by once or twice a spray bottle.The waiting time in this case is 10 minutes.When removing papillomas of procedures and duration of treatment determined by the doctor.When cytomegalovirus and herpes spray applied to 5 times a day for 14 days.If the disease is not completely disappeared, until full recovery.

When using a spray as a prophylactic agent against viral infections is 5 days.Such a preparation for the prevention of diseases during pregnancy can be taken late in pregnancy for 5 days to 6 times a day.

greatest effect will Epigenes spray application together with antiviral agents namely acyclovir yodouridinom or interferon, which will increase the antiviral defense.When combined treatment with antibiotics and analgesics are no contraindications have been identified and, therefore, the spray can be used in the combined treatment of the disease.

Like any drug Epigenes spray has its own characteristics.One of the features Epigenes spray is its storage and order of use.After application of the nozzle is washed with soap and boiled water and placed for storage in a plastic bag.Shelf life of the product is 3 years and should be stored at room temperature.When using a spray is not necessary to pre-treat the affected area.If signs of dermatitis immediately discontinue use.It must be remembered that any treatment may appoint a doctor and unauthorized treatment can cause yourself more harm than you will get benefit from this therapy.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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