Medications in Pregnancy

Akvamaris during pregnancy

Change of seasons of the year often brings us surprises in the form of rain, snow and slush underfoot.It was such bad weather becomes the ideal environment for the development of various viral diseases, and they, in turn, result in the emergence of unpleasant symptoms: headache, temperature, nasal congestion, sore throat and cough.All this can cause a state of joy, but rather the opposite.Nasal congestion causes a feeling of malaise, a headache, there is no way to breathe.In this state wants to hide in a warm bed and covered with a blanket and not go to work.If this condition occurs with the common man, what is the poor and hoarse pregnant women!


They even harder.Also during pregnancy the body has to fight hard and often to protect the body's immune system is not enough to defeat the common cold, but in this situation the danger of disease is very high.When the viral infection to be cured and do not get complications pregnant women need to take medications, including vasoconstrictor.However, such dr

ugs when released into the blood vessels constrict, not only the nose and the vessels of the placenta, which is manifested in the oxygen supply of the fetus.The fetus begins to experience lack of oxygen and can die.To help in solving problems with a cold will akvamaris.

Summary of preparation akvamaris

This drug was developed by Croatian company Jadran and it consists of eighty different mineral salts, which are able to exert a soothing effect on the nasal mucosa.Elements such as magnesium and calcium help improve nasal epithelium, and selenium and zinc increase the protective functions of the organism.But the foundation of all there is purified water from the Adriatic Sea, dial the depth of 5 meters, where the assurances of scientists, the water a lot of different mineral additives and a minimum number of microorganisms.Before getting into the drug channel water from Velebit, which is located in an ecologically clean area, gets to the lab, where the bacteriological filter is cleaned.

Therefore, this drug can be recommended to future mums.

Pharmacies, akvamaris presented in two pharmaceutical forms: as a spray and as a nasal drop.All components of the drug prepared from natural ingredients and has no chemical additives and preservatives.

According to the manufacturer, any drug akvamaris can be used for the treatment of rhinitis in pregnant women.It helps eliminate the feeling of nasal congestion, nasal by purification of mucus, bacteria and viral infections.Furthermore akvamaris restores the nasal mucosa.

rhinitis, also known as rhinitis, colds provoke swelling of the mucous membrane, which as a result makes it difficult to swell and breathing through the nose.The same condition is capable of causing allergic to smells.As with the common cold, and allergy akvamaris casing cleans nasal mucus, bacteria and allergens and reduces inflammation of the mucosa.Thus, once the patient feels relief and is able to breathe through the nose.

is not necessary to wait until the viral infection will find you.You can do the prevention before the disease.To this can be rinsed with akvamaris airways.This will protect you from getting a virus infection in the body through the respiratory tract, help make the mucus thinner and normalizes its isolation and increase the immunity of the nasopharynx.

drug usually does not have any side effects, but it is composed of herbal ingredients that, when a patient hypersensitive to pollen belonging to the drug can cause allergies.

Application akvamaris simple.If you are prescribed medication in the form of spray, the treatment is carried out 3 times a day for 3 or 4 pressing spray.If you have a nasal drop, it is necessary to drip into each nostril 2 or 3 drops 3 times a day.To prevent akvamaris used in the same doses.Before using the drug need to consult a doctor and inform him whether you have allergies to any medications or not.Remember your health and your baby's health is in your hands.Author

publications: Leonid Guryev