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2 trimester of pregnancy

2 trimester 2 trimester - this is the most wonderful time of pregnancy.Toxicosis left, taking with them drowsiness, stomach has already become noticeable, but still does not cause a nuisance.Very soon the expectant mother can feel the stirring of the baby and enjoy her pregnancy in full.But in addition to happy moments 2 trimester brings new changes, and most likely, and new concerns for future moms.To the expectation of the kid gave only pleasure, we will tell you about some of the most significant changes in the second trimester.

Child Development

2 trimester of pregnancy begins with the 13th week and ends on the 28th week.At this stage of pregnancy, there is one of the most important periods of intrauterine life of the child.At the beginning of the formation of 2 terms of the internal organs of the placenta and the baby is about to end.In the period from 18 to 22 week baby improves their perception.He sees the light and the darkness, hears mother.Therefore, the time to begin to communicate with your child,

sing lullabies and tell him how much the parents love their child and expect its appearance.The kid can already smile, stroking his face and body, sucking his thumb and.At this time the child is established mode of wakefulness and sleep.During periods of wakefulness, he moves a lot, playing and studying space, but still, most of the time he sleeps.Expectant mother is already clearly felt his wiggling and even hiccups.

In the period from 24th to 28th week, the baby developed parts of the brain that affect the development of the mind and creativity.Therefore, for the harmonious development of the child's personality mom need to experience as much as possible of joyful emotions.Drawing, singing, dancing, theater and exhibitions, reading books, walking outdoors - this is what the future mom is pampered.

mother feels

2 trimester to a pregnant woman becomes the most fertile time.The rush of hormones is beginning to stabilize, and hence emotions expectant mother aligned.Being, in general, improves.Many mothers are full of energy, can practice yoga or swimming, and even travel.

Power of 2 trimester

In the second trimester of your weight is increasing rapidly and lose the distinction between a set of recommended weight during pregnancy and the acquisition of extra kilos is quite easy.Power must be complete and balanced and varied, and if necessary - dietary.Minimize the intake of fat and abandon pickles and alcohol.During this period it is important to eat calcium is required for normal bone formation and preservation of the baby bones and teeth of the future mother.

Wardrobe expectant mother.PHOTOSESSION.

figure of a pregnant woman is changing rapidly.Breasts swollen, rounded tummy starts.It's time to change clothes.Do not buy a shapeless clothes, but wearing too tight and not recommended.Treat yourself to a variety of shapes and airy with bright colors.Underwear should change, too.It is time to abandon the high-heeled shoes and 18 weeks should use a bandage.It helps prevent varicose veins and stretch marks, as well as to take the correct position of the baby.

During this period, you can capture photos on how to change your tummy.You can make professional photos in a photo studio.(Alternatively, pregnant photo session in the studio photo)

Sex in the second trimester of pregnancy

2 trimester - the best time for sex.Expectant mother has fallen in love with his fortune, the main trouble in the past, and with them went all ailments and symptoms of early toxicity, so you can relax and enjoy intimacy with her husband in full.Many doctors agree that in the absence of contraindications and normal pregnancy intimacy in the second trimester is not only permitted, but required.For the baby is safe, and for parents to be a great way to get close.

Screening 2 trimester

greatest thrill, and with it a wave of emotions carries a forthcoming Screening.Let's look at what the Screening 2 terms, and what is its essence.

«Screening - (Eng. Screening screening) - the active method to identify individuals with any pathology or risk factors for its development, based on the use of specific diagnostic tests."* Collegiate dictionary of medical terms.- M .: Soviet encyclopedia.- 1982-1984 gg.

From the definition of the concept of "Screening" should be that they are afraid it is not necessary.It is aimed at early detection of disease or predisposition to it.Identify any abnormalities in the child is necessary for the provision of timely treatment and preventive care.

Screening involves the passage of the two phases of the survey: biochemical and ultrasound skrinningovoe.

biochemical screening, or as it is also called "triple test" - an analysis of blood from a vein, which provides for a study on the presence of its special markers: human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and estriol.Triple test reveals risk of diseases such as Down syndrome and Edwards syndrome.Biochemical Screening is designed to determine if the pregnant woman is at risk.Diagnosis is based on the results of the test does not attempt a triple, so do not panic if the test results were positive.In this case, the doctor will send the future mother to a complete examination to confirm the diagnosis.This type of screening is safe for a pregnant woman and for her baby, because there is no any effect on their bodies.

addition to biochemical screening in the second trimester, the physician guides the future mother on ultrasound screening.This is the most accurate ultrasound.The optimal date for the meeting is 20-24 weeks.During the ultrasound the doctor assesses the following indicators:

  1. Clarification of pregnancy and confirmation of its development;
  2. conformity assessment of fetal size expected term of pregnancy;
  3. Identification malformation of internal organs and systems of the child.It can be as minor deviations that can be cured, and those who remain with the child for life;
  4. Determination of the amount of amniotic fluid;
  5. exclude the diagnosis of cord entanglement;
  6. Determination of the place of attachment of the placenta, the assessment of its condition and the umbilical cord;
  7. Determination of sex of the child.However, sometimes, it still remains a mystery for parents until the birth of the baby.

Understanding the importance of passing the screening in the second trimester deliver future mother of unnecessary alarms.And the result will bring peace of mind for the life and health of the child or help at an early stage of development to help the child overcome the illness.

In any case, more than half of the path traversed, and hence to the cherished meetings with your crumbs is not much time.Now is the time to enroll in the school of expectant mothers, which will tell you about the pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period, as well as caring for a newborn.Answers to some questions about the expectant mother can see viewing video 2 trimester.

Video 2 trimester

Let your pregnancy will be easy, happy and serene!

author of the publication: Rostislav Belyakov

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