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Threat of abortion

Even the suspicion of a possible threat to abortion could plunge pregnant woman in shock.Even despite the fact that in most cases timely access to specialists helps to maintain pregnancy, fear of wrong diagnosis is common to all future mums.Statistics disappointing enough - according to her, about a fifth of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and half of them for up to 12 weeks.The reasons for the sudden miscarriage, there are many.For this reason, many women becomes more urgent question of how to protect themselves from such a terrible outcome?

The threat of termination of pregnancy, pregnancy risk of miscarriage

Doctors usually prefer to divide the threat of termination of pregnancy by 2 species.In the first case, the period of pregnancy should not exceed 22 weeks, and the second threat comes already after such a period.If there is a threat to 22 weeks, then one speaks of miscarriage, and after - a premature birth.

symptoms, causes and treatment of threatened abortion

The first thing to worry any woman after he learned of her pregnancy - whether it will be able to s

ave her baby.A woman listens to literally every tingling in the womb, to examine any separation, etc.In addition, during the first trimester, there is increased attention to any woman to his body.The key to a successful pregnancy are considered to be pre-cured of the disease, as well as a strong physical and emotional health.

in the first week of gestation as never should monitor the psychological balance.You should not cheat yourself, but at the same time, it should record any significant change in the condition of the body.This does not mean that at the first opportunity you want to run to the doctor, but in any case, try not to bring discomfort to a critical state.When abdominal pain started, it may be the first indication of threatened abortion.In the early stages the pain is localized in the abdomen, or in the lower back.It has a permanent character and drawing with time only grows.As to this kind of pain join allocation of blood from the vagina, then immediately make sure that the call for a doctor.Discharge of blood may have a different character, but anyway - they portend an unfortunate outcome.If blood scarlet, the fertilized egg is peeled, and if it is darkened, it is possible to judge the delaminated ovum, which led to the appearance of hematomas is already leaking.

Until such time as the doctor comes, you should, first of all, calm down and lie down, and to try to ward off evil thoughts.If this does not work, take sedatives such as Motherwort and valerian.When severe pain is not superfluous to take a couple of pills shpy.Remember that the most important medicine at this stage - it's peace of mind.After the produced inspection doctor will set the cause of such a state, as well as appropriate treatment.Maybe you have to go to the hospital treatment, and maybe the problem can be solved at home.In any case, doctors should not argue, especially when the threat of serious and time to make the right decision remains small.The threat can be cured with the help of already mentioned above sedatives, or else using hormonal drugs and antispasmodics.The effect of the treatment is directly dependent on what was the cause of the threat.An important condition for recovery is considered absolute tranquility with bed rest.

Leaving professionals to deal with the threats of methods of treatment, try to pay attention to what may be the cause of this condition.Sadly, they emit a lot:

  • Genetics and immunity.Very often, the early stages of miscarriage becomes the result of genetic disorders.That is, genetic and chromosomal mutations form a serious pathology in the development of the fetus, resulting in the mother's body itself rejects this fruit.Experts quite cynically called a process of "natural selection."It is difficult to predict the failures that occur in the immune system, so that the fruit will be cut off as a foreign body.
  • hormones.The work of the endocrine glands may fail just during pregnancy.The most dangerous, perhaps, be regarded as a delay production of progesterone - a special pregnancy hormone.It is very necessary for any pregnancy, the body, if we are talking about a period not exceeding 16 weeks.The fact that after this period, the function of this hormone assumes placenta.In this case, used to treat hormonal drugs such as Utrozhestanom and djufaston.It can be considered undesirable male sex hormones, if they are allocated in the female body in large amounts.
  • diseases.The threat of miscarriage can create all sorts of illnesses, and no matter they suddenly or chronically inherent in man.Among such diseases can be identified the flu, sore throat, rubella, herpes, mycoplasmosis, uterine fibroids, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, appendicitis, heart disease, viral hepatitis, etc.
  • Emotions.It is known that unwanted stress during pregnancy harmful to whatever terms or discussed, but by itself it can not cause miscarriage.Only if the causes are present, listed in the preceding paragraphs, we can say that it played the role of stress factors, has to abortion.

Premature birth: causes, symptoms, outcome

believed that if you managed to cope with the threat of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy, the more there is nothing to fear.In fact, this is not always the case.In the last trimester of pregnancy the threat of termination as often can accompany the process of gestation.The only difference may be considered offensive premature birth, and spontaneous abortion is not.A positive aspect can be considered that a certain part of such births may end happily.That is, with the help of doctors to save the lives of premature babies is possible, but only if the woman is not prenebrezhёt recommendations and refer to a specialist for obtaining skilled care.

Speaking about the threat of preterm labor, it should be said that the treatment in any event be held not at home.Since birth can happen literally at any moment, constant supervision of medical staff can not be avoided.

Symptoms threat that occurs in the later stages, is somewhat different from the symptoms that occur in the early stages.First now abdominal pain becomes cramping.However, keep in mind about the possibility of "false labor", which seemed to prepare the body for childbirth.Should be considered suspicious bout, in which there is separation.Mainly, guards are spotting evidence that the placenta peels.Do not miss your attention transparent and liquid-like discharge, indicating that the amniotic fluid leak.No less alarming is seen and "fossilized stomach."

Exactly the same reasons that provoke miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy can lead to premature birth.First of all, it concerns the hormonal disruptions, and infectious diseases.In addition, the stand and some very specific cause of the threat of termination of the last stages of gestation:

  • isthmic tserkvialnaya failure.This complication is most often inherent in women who have already transferred earlier traumatic abortion or childbirth and thus was injured neck or isthmus of the uterus.As a result of pregnancy, it is simply not able to hold the fruit, leading to the end of pregnancy.The most dangerous in this disease should be considered as 16-18 weeks, because at this time of the pregnancy may be interrupted.In order to save yourself from such a deplorable outcome, contact the person that it has imposed on the cervix seams or appointed as required by the results of the survey treatment.
  • pathological course of pregnancy.This category should be primarily ascribed preeclampsia in the second half of pregnancy, and placental abruption or polyhydramnios.All these pathologies disrupt blood supply of the placenta in the area that leads to the development of fetal hypoxia.In this case, the doctor must assign an urgent delivery, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the patient.
  • injury.Often the cause of interruption of gestation may be a concussion, trauma, contusions of the head and abdomen.Particular care should be a concussion, because even if they occurred before pregnancy, then now can actively manifest their effects.

prevention of threatened abortion

any future mums should remember that there are many dangers, but in any time does not even attempt to "try on" the conditions described above.Even if you have heard from the doctor that you are threatened by abortion, it does not guarantee that it will happen.Maybe you just spend 9 months in the hospital, but a great compensation for it will be a lovely smile toddler.

Regardless of whether there is a threat to you, remember that you need to be attentive to health, to a regime of sleep and food, and as little as possible to visit the open air.Leave the bad habits and avoid negativity and chase bad thoughts, and as a result of the threat will remain a threat.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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