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Mucus Pregnancy

female body from the very beginning been adapted for the emergence of a new life.Everything inside him is adjusted, as a watch, and well adjusted to the time of the meeting the egg and sperm are most likely to happen most successful fertilization.But clear mucus from time to time is allocated from the vagina of any healthy woman takes special kind of part in this important process.

Mucus in pregnancy, mucus during pregnancy

Isolation of a certain number of transparent and clear mucus not only as a future mother, and among non-pregnant women is still considered quite normal and even good state of affairs.Mucus is produced by glands, which are located in the female uterus.It can be easily enveloped inside the cervix.This mucus is completely transparent, has no odor and is not very abundant.

Throughout the menstrual cycle she gradually derived from the female body through the vagina, and the level of intensity of discharge varies, depending on the impact of certain important hormones.At the beginning of the menstrual cycle and to its mid mucus

increases gradually.This occurs under the action of the hormone estrogen.At this time the mucus is very fluid and, at the same time, highly viscous consistency.This is necessary to ensure to the maximum sperm movement towards the waiting egg.This last, by the way, can help a lot to get out of the ovary.In the second phase of the cycle nature of the discharge changes abruptly, as well as the consistency of the mucus changes.So, for example, the mucus loses its transparency and becomes slightly viscous, and the number of its generation decreases rapidly.For changes of this kind is responsible another hormone - progesterone.

As you know, during the childbearing woman's body comes complete overhaul.It can not touch and hormonal levels.In connection with the shift in hormonal terms and nature of the changes overtaking the mucus is constantly released from the vagina.During pregnancy, especially in the beginning - and the first trimester of the presence of the hormone progesterone in the body of the future mother greatly increased.This hormone is responsible for saving and good development of the child at the earliest stages of gestation.And so it can be said that in this time of a woman's body is in a state very similar to the second phase of her menstrual cycle.This is explained as the fact that the mucus released from the vagina, in the early stages of pregnancy, it is very viscous, almost opaque, as well - is released in very small quantities.

Against the background of high hormonal activity may be the opposite: the amount of vaginal discharge can seriously increase.In that case, there will be completely clean, most of all - protein) mucous discharge without odor, that it is completely non-irritant.Such separation is the norm.To eliminate the discomfort, you can use panty liners.But about tampons during pregnancy is to forget - it can cause a hit of any infection in the birth canal.

If the allocation in the form of mucus are not accompanied by any, burning or itching, have a normal consistency and do not cause discomfort, not to mention the pain, then your pregnancy is going well.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov