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Ringworm in pregnancy

Surely you've seen the animals who appear on the side lishaynyh bald spots.As well, each of us remembers that parents strictly forbidden to touch such a dog, and not exactly the same receding hairline will have ourselves on the body.Collectively the group can be called lishaёm dermatological conditions, which are characterized by rashes on the skin, peeling, pigmentation changes in the areas that are affected and itching.Most likely, it will deprive you after contact with an animal or a person who has contracted the disease.

Ringworm in pregnancy, pink zoster during pregnancy

Analyzing the other causes of the disease, can be identified allergic reactions, fungal infections, viral infections, or prolonged stress.Due to such conditions, as the statistics show, zoster in pregnancy occurs very frequently.If shingles during pregnancy is diagnosed in time and treated in a timely manner will be held, the risk for the mother and child are anticipated.But even so, zoster can manifest itself in different ways and is very contagious.However, it can be quite eas

y to cure, to avoid serious consequences.The main thing is what it should be remembered - as soon as there are signs of lichen, immediately consult a dermatologist because the sooner treatment is started, the more likely the early elimination of unpleasant symptoms.

Doctors distinguish several varieties of the disease:

pink zoster (shingles Gibert): it appears as a "mother" a spot in the shape of a circle and has a fairly crisp rim, able to peel off a little bit.After a while, there may be small oval pink spots on the chest, shoulders, sides, and their appearance is invariably accompanied by itching;

colorful versicolor (pityriasis) can manifest itself through spots on the skin, which, by their color varies between yellow and brown.Sunspots occur in areas where there is increased sweating, that is, in the armpits, on the abdomen or chest.These spots do not cause discomfort or itching;

ringworm: mainly, it exposed children, although in theory it is possible also infected adults.It manifested the disease in damage nails and hair on the head, resulting in a loss.In those places where the hair falls out, formed a pink spot, and in the center they are shelled.To cure the disease, it is necessary to isolate or hospitalize the patient;

shingles: the most false of all forms of the disease, accompanied by quite severe pain in intercostal depressions.There eventually formed bubbles which are filled with liquid.Subsequently, they burst, leaving a crust, and stains may be of different sizes or form pockets.Despite the fact that the disease is caused by herpes third type, it is not harmful to the fetus and pregnancy.However, the progression of the disease may be a risk of loss, and therefore the treatment should be initiated immediately on detection of the disease.

During pregnancy versicolor can be treated on the basis of that, what is its form and degree of development.First of all, the emphasis is on how to restore and strengthen the immune system, and if necessary, then apply antifungal or antiviral drugs that block the spread of viruses and fungi.For example, pityriasis rosea requires no special treatment, and passes through about 2 months.If a woman is worried enough severe itching, the pregnancy will register antihistamines.You also need to take care of that in the locker room was not tight clothing and avoid excessively frequent adoption of water treatments.With multi-colored shingles will need to appoint antifungal drugs, as well as using vinegar to wipe the skin that are damaged.Ringworm can also be cured using antifungal drugs.

According to traditional medicine, it is useful to lubricate the juice of onion damaged site or use for the same purpose oiled sour cabbage leaf.

author publications: Leonid Guryev

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