Medications in Pregnancy

Aflubin during pregnancy

To pick up any virus during pregnancy is very easy, because the immune system is significantly weakened.Medicine is not in place and preparations successfully winning ailments every day more and more like themselves actually and sores.But do not let the bad news, let's deal with the very famous drug "Aflubin", which causes a lot of conflicting opinions, particularly his appointment to pregnant women.


"Aflubin" - instructions for safe use:

Everyone reads the instructions before you take a medicine that is prescribed.The doctor thus has to use instructions in which the drug manufacturer is obliged to specify all the information on the composition and properties of their preparation.Many makers of drugs do not reflect all of the information about him, the doctors increasingly trust advertising (in some cases, prescribe "necessary" drugs their patients and receive a percentage of the representatives of the manufacturer or seller).Fortunately "Aflubin" does not refer to such "unknown" drugs in the atta

ched instructions indicated everything is honestly not a chemical drug, increases the immune capabilities of the organism, fights viruses is antipyretic, detoxification, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory drug.

"Aflubin" treat parainfluenza and influenza, acute respiratory infections, various inflammations and rheumatic diseases, but there is one "but" - this drug is not fighting with the cause of the disease, but only relieves symptoms, and facilitates the course of the disease, ie "Aflubin "must be taken in combination with other drugs or as a prophylactic.

Available "Aflubin" in 2 forms: drops and tablets.The course of treatment, as well as the dose is prescribed individually depending on the patient's age, severity of the disease and possible relapse, etc.Tablets as droplets, it is necessary to take into half an hour before a meal, or after 1 hour after meals.To heighten the effect of the drop should be held in the mouth for about a minute seconds, and resolves the tablet under the tongue.

Side effects from "Aflubin" are not fixed, in rare cases, there is excessive salivation.Take during pregnancy and lactation only on prescription in the absence of individual intolerance.

Application "Aflubin" during pregnancy.

Guide states: effect of the drug "Aflubin" - is the result of a common action of all its components, but all components together make up the drug can not be traced with the help of research. "How can affect a medication on the fetus and the future mother?Manufacturers' Aflubin "stripped themselves of any responsibility, in the line" use during pregnancy and lactation "stated - only prescribed by a doctor.

substantiated whether the appointment of "Aflubin" pregnant?It is difficult to answer, as the views are mixed, who "for" claim that the existing components do not cross the placenta, that is, can not affect it - is "time."No adverse or allergic reactions "Aflubin" does not cause - a "two."It is administered to infants, so pregnant women can also drink this medicine, do not fear - it is "three".

Those who are "against", present their arguments: first, of the drug include ethyl alcohol - to identify the poison?Secondly, the drug improves the immune defense.Suddenly, reject the immunity of a foreign body - the fruit?Special danger of "Aflubin" in the first 3 months of pregnancy.Finally, the effect of these drugs are not scientifically proven.

What the expectant mother?On the one hand the drug with unconfirmed action, the other - the risk of complications from the flu.

One thing is clear - in no case be self-medicate, medication should appoint a doctor you trust.If you fully trust your doctor, and that is extremely important - to carry out all his appointments and recommendations, then the risk of problems is negligible.

Good health, because if you do not get sick, you will not have to wrestle with the need for medication.

author of the publication: Valeri Konstantinov