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Tests before planning pregnancy

Tests before planning pregnancy Pregnancy - a very important period not only for parents, but also very important for the baby itself.For the appearance of healthy offspring young couple should think about preparing to conceive in advance.Now is the time to give up all bad habits, start to eat right and take care of their own health.All this is first of all necessary to conceive a healthy baby.It is important to carefully examine the state of health of future mothers and fathers, to the development of the fetus was correct, and the pregnancy was uneventful.

Preparing to conceive may take about 3-6 months.If a couple do not have health problems, they will be required to pass tests is much less than a pair, in which there is a chronic disease.This is worth mentioning that you need to be screened not only women.

initial planning stage of pregnancy is to visit specialists: gynecologist, general practitioner, dentist, urologist, otolaryngologist, and so on. After inspection they will be able to say whether the pair will need special mon

itoring in the early planning and during pregnancy.

Many expectant parents are concerned about what analyzes when planning pregnancy should pass?

list is pretty big, but it depends on the state of health of future mothers and fathers.Men also need to get tested when planning pregnancy, but they will be far less than needed to pass the woman.Because it is on the woman's health will depend not only conceived but unborn baby's health as a whole.

analysis needed for planning pregnancy

analysis when planning a pregnancy list:

1. Pap smear.

Its result will determine the presence of pathogenic microorganisms.For example, set the development of latent infections (ureaplasmosis, chlamydia and others.) Or the presence of the fungus Candida.

2. General clinical and biochemical analysis of blood.

With the help of a clinical blood test may reveal anemia (reduced hemoglobin) or inflammation (leukocytes, WBC, etc.).

According to the results of biochemical analysis of blood can be seen on the work of all human organs and systems.

3. Analysis on the infection.

Pap lets see some infectious diseases, but the results will not be enough.Both prospective parents must be compulsorily tested for TORCH-infection complex.This is a group of 4 viral and bacterial infections - toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus and herpes virus.These analyzes are required because, as a rule, they occur without symptoms, but their presence can cause serious disease in the unborn child.The presence of these infections is determined by sampling.

If during the test does not detect antibodies to rubella, the 3 months before the alleged conception is necessary to put the vaccine.In the presence of other diseases of the complex will be required to undergo treatment before conception.

Besides passing tests for TORCH-infection, you will need a blood test to detect sexually transmitted infections (HIV, syphilis, human papilloma virus, hepatitis B and C).

4. Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.

This survey allows you to see the status of the uterus and ovaries to determine in which phase of the cycle is a woman as well as to identify a number of pathologies (endometriosis, uterine mioima etc.).

5. Analysis of hormones during pregnancy planning.

Indications to this analysis could be causes such as an irregular cycle, weight gain, acne, age women over 35 years, and if a woman earlier miscarriage or a long time did not get pregnant.Depending on the symptoms and evidence, the treating doctor prescribes a list of hormones for research.

6. Urinalysis.

This analysis is necessary to detect diseases of the urinary tract, the bladder and kidneys.It is important to collect urine for analysis.The jar must be sterile, purchased it at a pharmacy.You need to collect urine in the morning, certainly before this need to be washed away.

7. Determination of blood group and Rh factor.

This analysis must take both partners.It is necessary to diagnose the possibility of Rhesus-conflict.As a rule, if a pair of positive male Rh negative women, and, in the course of pregnancy may be an immunological conflict.This leads to the fact that the woman's body rejects the fetus as a foreign body.Fortunately, there are treatment regimens that allow you to safely carry a child.Aware of the possibility of Rh-conflict doctor develops a treatment regimen in advance.

8. Analyses man when planning pregnancy.

As mentioned earlier, a man must pass a general analysis of blood and urine analysis on the Rh factor, infection.In addition, you will need a semen analysis, if a couple can not get pregnant for over a year.It allows you to get ahead of the activity of sperm, the number and usefulness.

9. Genetic analysis when planning pregnancy, karyotyping.

Passing these tests is necessary not for everyone.If dad of a child over 40 years and my mother happened missed abortion, miscarriages, then without this analysis is indispensable.It is also necessary if the future parents in the family had serious hereditary diseases such as Down's syndrome, schizophrenia and so on.

cost analyzes when planning pregnancies is quite high, but many of them can be taken free of charge.In any case, the test results provide important information about the health of expectant parents.There is nothing more valuable in the life of a parent than to know that they grow healthy offspring.

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Author: Pauline Zelenin