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The test for gestational age

The test for gestational age you have been prepared and planned their pregnancy.And then came the long-awaited moment, when you are looking forward to two cherished strips.Some women, of course, know the exact date of conception and therefore to determine the time of pregnancy it is not difficult, but for many women, gestational age remains a mystery.

Know your period every woman wants: the one who dreams of motherhood and one who wants to wait until this.

pregnancy test early stages

Except for the fact of having pregnant women care about how long pregnancy test detects.You have to understand that no matter how you tried to reveal the pregnancy the day after intercourse impossible.Pregnancy test, of course, is to define it in the early stages, but to learn about it later, the woman will be able to 1.5 weeks after conception.That's how much time must be the fertilized egg to climb into the uterus and gain a foothold there.Only then begin to produce a hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin - hCG), indicating the occurrence of p

regnancy.It must be remembered that if the test showed the pregnancy, it is required to confirm the doctor.

pregnancy test timing determination

Today, there are several ways to determine pregnancy.One of them - the rapid test, which takes place in the home.The main advantage of this type of test is almost instantaneous ability to determine pregnancy.After a brief contact with the urine test women after a few seconds she was able to see the result.

Some women find that a negative test result excludes the presence of pregnancy and it is not so.If you do a test before the delay, the more likely result will be unreliable.If your desire is to learn about the availability of pregnancy can not wait, then the need to use high-quality tests as instructed.

Varieties of rapid tests

For the impatient women who want home to diagnose pregnancy, researchers have developed four types of tests.

most common rapid test - paper strip.Such tests are simple to use and has low cost.It should be collected in a sterile jar morning portion of urine and dip the strip into the tank.The downside of this method is that the reagent can not be distributed evenly across the paper because of what sometimes mistakes happen.This test can be used several times, even if it has not shown any result.Test in contact with urine, you need to throw out and use a new one.For a more accurate diagnosis of pregnancy test better acquire a high degree of sensitivity.In this case, you can see the result after the first day of delay, but the most correct result will be a 7 day delay.

More recent tests - jet.Their cost is higher than that of paper, but they are more comfortable.Such a test is not necessary to be immersed in a container, enough to bring it under a stream of urine and a few seconds to see the result.Using this kind of test, a woman does not need to arrive just in time for the time and place of the meeting.The degree of sensitivity it is 2.5 times higher, thus, learn about the pregnancy can significantly earlier.The high sensitivity of the test also can diagnose pregnancy at any time of the day, but the morning is still the most preferred for this procedure.

test of the new generation is a test tank.It is a plastic jar, inside which the indicator is located.The advantage of this model is that the system automatically adjusts the time and the amount absorbed by the liquid.

For many years women have dreamed acquire rapid test to find out the duration of pregnancy.As you know, the science does not stand still and now the last word in the diagnosis of pregnancy cchitaetsya digital test.

test, which shows the gestational age was a real revolution among their brethren.Digital test works on the same principle as its predecessors.Its main advantage is that it is able to show not only the presence or absence of pregnancy, but pregnancy.This test is the most reliable and accurate.Accurate test results 99% and the sensitivity is so high that it can be done for four days prior to menses.A pregnancy test, which determines the period of time is the reliability of its determination of 92%, which is very close to the results of the ultrasound examination.This test result is the unmistakable digital, allowing a woman to soothe his anxiety and not to carry out the test again.

pregnancy test how long?

How long pregnancy test shows a very simple to determine.In the case of a negative result on the dial will be indicated "-" sign, and in the case of a pregnancy test will be on the "+" sign and indicated below the expected life of conception: 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, 3+.Gestational age for this test determines the exact moment of conception.When women see a gynecologist, he put a period at an average of more than 2 weeks, according to the date of the previous month.

Test gestation stores the result on the dial in 24 hours.Some women mistakenly believe that it can then be reused.However, like any rapid test, it can be used only once.The only disadvantage of this test is its high cost.

tests to determine pregnancy is quite easy to use and accurate, but guarantee 100% result can only gynecological examination.We wish every woman seen on the test result that it no longer expects!

author of the publication: Zelenin Pauline

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