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Linex dysbacteriosis pregnant

Let me introduce - dysbiosis.Constipation, diarrhea, belching, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting - all of which can testify to dysbacteriosis.Much Unfortunately, this disease is the most inopportune moment there is in our lives.Especially during pregnancy.


What to do?Medications taken extremely undesirable, but also to keep the disease without treatment is dangerous too.Not argue with that, the answer is obvious: you must treat goiter.If you are pregnant, do not despair, there are non-hazardous products from this disease for pregnant women.For example, "Lineks".

The instructions to the drug written - "the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is safe, but to self-resort is not worth any medication, including" Linex ", you must assign a doctor. It defines doseand duration of treatment. It is strictly forbidden to drink, "Linex" hot drinks.

What is so good, "Linex"?

main task of the drug - to normalize the microflora in the gut. In the natural intestinal microflora are living la

ctic acid bacteria, the same bacteria are part of "Linex ". Dysbacteriosis disrupts the normal intestinal flora and" Linex "gently it restores.

It also increases the overall resistance of the organism, destroying harmful bacteria, and is the fixing agent. This medicine is combined with the use of other medications prescribed by your doctor. In case of overdose sideeffects were observed, so doctors prescribe "Linex" expectant mothers.

But it all really?

¬ęSeasoned" believe "Linex" useless drug is not recommended and not recommended to take during pregnancy.The reason is simple: each case is unique, and that came 90 patients, 10 may not be suitable.Therefore, before taking any medication consult a qualified specialist is needed.

"Linex" well tolerated, but if you are hypersensitive dairy products have to give it up, because this medicine contains milk sugar (lactose).

high temperature (over 38 degrees), mucus and blood in the stool, severe abdominal pain - a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.If the diarrhea has not stopped on the 2nd day of treatment, "Linex" also need to consult a doctor.

Remember that whatever was not a "harmless and harmless" medicine, yet it is a medicine, and it is impossible to predict what the reaction will be from your body, so try these 9 months will not hurt.Do not just take and avoid such troubles, but it is possible.

wish you an easy pregnancy, good health, live births, and no dysbiosis!

author of the publication: Eduard Belousov

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