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Cramps during pregnancy

happy while waiting for the baby.So wonderful and happy to know that soon the light will be a son or daughter, happiness and joy to their parents.But, alas, this is not always occurs entirely rosy, because sometimes calm pregnant can very easily disrupt a variety of pain symptoms, both dangerous and not.But as to distinguish?Among these symptoms - colic, faced by almost all pregnant women.

Cramps during pregnancy, intestinal cramps in the abdomen during pregnancy

Colic - this is such a sudden fight, very sharp and painful attack.The reason for it can be a disease of any of the abdominal cavity, and the place in which is placed the baby in the womb as well - it is very rapid growth.There colic usually sudden, resulting in a rather long muscle spasm.

earliest colic may disturb a woman already in the early stages of pregnancy, when it is not yet a fact and can not be accurately diagnosed and confirmed.So, on the sixth, a maximum of eight days after conception occurred, at the very moment when the egg survives and grows to the inside of the uterine wall, it can sometimes be a

ccompanied by small, very light, colic, who do not always remain unnoticed woman.In addition, they may be associated with hormones that cause the uterus gradually expand to from the very first moments of pregnancy to prepare for the future growth of the embryo.In this case, cramps are similar to the fight, too, can feel a little bit obtuse pain in the lower abdomen, very light bleeding.The only, and therefore the best way to deal with similar symptoms - a full and true relaxation - both body and soul.But if the cramps do not go, but on the contrary, only obostryayutsya, you should immediately contact your gynecologist.Good help cope with the pain of the heat - you simply put a heating pad on the abdomen.Only need to be careful - it can not overheat the uterus - is harmful.You can also consult with a doctor about the use of antispasmodics.

most common in pregnant colic - intestinal.They are, if the woman does not follow a healthy diet, regularly emptied.Also, the reason is the frequent consumption of food that is difficult to digest, and - carbonated water.This may also be accompanied by bloating, a feeling of "fullness" in the belly, or severe constipation.Recommended diet - without flour, fried, spicy, sharp, and without junk food, in general.Also, it makes sense to completely abandon the carbonated water, even mineral.With a very strong abdominal cramps can be taken or Espumizan noshpu, and you need to drink plenty of fluids.

Renal colic - is another cause of the pain.As a rule, it is the result of pyelonephritis, or kidney stones.Renal colic is characterized by severe pain in the right abdomen, hips strongly donating and labia.If such symptoms appear, an urgent need to go to the doctor, because such an attack dramatically increases the tone of the uterus, as well - could, at worst, trigger premature labor.

primary goal of physicians in renal colic - to stop spasms and promptly remove the pain.This will best help antispasmodics.But the belly warm during renal colic is strictly forbidden - it is dangerous.There are also such difficult situations during pregnancy, when the colic simple means is not possible to overcome.This happens when the pain provoked by urinary stones that blocked the ureters.In that case, doctors have resorted to a puncture to drain urine, and in the most difficult cases can not do without surgical removal of the stones.

woman in an interesting position may face liver colic also finished the cure for a long time in the presence of gallstones.Symptoms of biliary colic in this case will be very sharp aching pain in the right upper quadrant, which is given in the back.

After the pain will be removed, it is necessary to revise the diet of the pregnant woman.The first couple of weeks to exclude meat and eggs, replacing them with fish, cheese and vegetable oils.Do not be amiss, and increase the amount of boiled vegetables.

author of the publication: Alex Kulagin

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