What you can and can not be pregnant

You can not be pregnant or knit?

better about knitting, as for example a hobby, but not as a normal operation that requires an early conclusion, because each take your business there are rules and better comply with them and make some breaks, something todo not overdo it.Also during the knitting, it is necessary to monitor the position of the body and try not to strain the spine and eyes.

At the time when you need to knit you sit in a comfortable posture, putting at the same time if you want something under the legs to avoid swelling in the legs.If the hinges are obtained tight and constrained movement, then the woman is tense.This condition should be avoided, your arms should remain relaxed.When my mother knits things for his beloved child, it is psychologically prepared for his appearance.When they began to collect their child's dowry, is caring for the child, while one of the first.

After knitting help you reduce your costs from the family budget, as she finished yarn is cheaper things.Do not forget that the growth rate of ch

ildren is large enough, ten blouses related you probably later perekochuyut to newborns your znakomyh.A can knit and for pleasure, and not just clothing and even toys for the baby.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov

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