What you can and can not be pregnant

You can or can not play sports for pregnant women?

favorable impact of sport on the body of a pregnant woman was proved by many physicians and researchers.So when the question is occupied or not, it is advisable to make a clear choice in favor of exercise.Benefits for both the unborn child and the mother invaluable regardless of the gestational age.However, it is important to determine the type of sport, so as not to harm health.

Pregnancy - the best time to start exercise and sports, because this kind of load beneficial effect not only on the mother but also the unborn child.Of course, it is necessary to consult with your doctor to determine the presence of any contraindications to certain types of loads, to further exclude them.

Consider highlights the impact of sports on a pregnant woman:

• stabilize the psycho-emotional state;

• strengthens the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system as a whole;

• stabilization of the nervous system;

• relief from shortness of breath, improve the functioning of the respiratory system.

including going to restore and improve the exchange mechanism in the female body, which in turn improves the exchange of oxygen from the mother to the fetus.Exercise, especially, should be aimed at strengthening the muscles of the spine, because during pregnancy, he suffers the most.

In the early stages of pregnancy should carefully choose the sport, as a woman in this period are at risk.It is necessary to eliminate any stress associated with heavy lifting, sudden movements, running and jumping.It is best to opt for a smooth gymnastics, yoga, shaping, swimming.

If the woman led an active lifestyle before pregnancy and went in for sports, it is possible in the first trimester, you can not change the burden.In the second trimester should pay attention to the individual and the state, on the basis of this, the body burden.In the later stages it should be excluded abdominal exercises.

Sure, exercise during pregnancy must be on special for this course, and only after consulting your doctor.

After exercising ensure proper rest to your body, because you can not be overloaded.Often, pregnant women feel sleepy in the first trimester and it is important to find a balance between the desire to maintain itself in good shape and the body's need for extra rest.

Also do not forget that in the first trimester should consult with your physician as to whether it is possible to experience any physical activity.If there are nagging feeling below abdomen, from sports and generally sharp movements is better to abstain.

Pick a good mattress on which you can fully relax after the yoga, and just after the movement in the street, because in any case, your lower back will experience extra load on the growth of the fetus.For example, mattresses Ascona, probably the best that you can find now on the market of mattresses on the market.

So, the main thing that you need to understand yourself: sports is possible after consultation with vrachom.V any case, you have to think about the baby, about their health in the first place, and only secondarily about beauty.Therefore sport is good if it has a positive effect on you and your pregnancy and if the load does not provoke complications, otherwise leave your thoughts on the maintenance of fitness for a period that occurs at least one month after birth.

author of the publication: Victoria Teterina