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Nervous condition during pregnancy

pregnant woman tend to adequately respond to the reality.Her fears and irritability, a burden to herself and loved ones that surround it.To meet these challenges, you need to arm themselves with information and communicate more with those who have the same problems arise.Will a special group for pregnant or site for parents, which make recommendations to future parents and those who have changed their status.

What fears are typical for pregnant

Mom in the first half of pregnancy is experiencing a hormonal response, so for all systems of the body it comes the period of the strongest tests.While in this state, a woman is always in nervous excitement.If it is the nervous system prior to pregnancy was vulnerable, sensitive to everything going on, the girl had a good imagination, it is a nervous stress can join and paranoia.

This is a very important period, because it is in these months forming all body systems of the fetus.If the mother does not help, a baby can be born nervous, cry a lot, constantly

demand attention or being hyperactive.All this will be difficult for the child and parents.Therefore, to nervous fears pregnant women should be taken very seriously.

fears mainly concern the health of the baby.Female care how he is born, whether healthy.Often a woman can experience its appeal.It would appear that the figure drastically deteriorate, it will be ugly and useless.It was fear of the future and the loneliness and lack of demand lies the bulk of all fears.

In addition, expectant mothers may scare sharp movements, the unexpected, the unusual sounds.Such fears are based on the fear for the life of the child and his own.This condition is absolutely normal.It will take place after childbirth period, during which there are other fears.They are connected also with the hormonal changes of the body.

What irritates during pregnancy

people around think that stimulation in pregnant women can cause anything.But this is not quite true.Often cause discomfort and aggression may be the thing that to this condition in women causes no emotion.And vice versa.She will suddenly spit on a raised toilet seat or socks scattered around the room.

Everything has its explanation.The site upcoming parent moms and dads can be sure that such problems occur in all families where the expected completion.Nature has arranged the female body so that during pregnancy it is trying to block the annoying factors that influence from outside.Therefore, for such "trifles" the lady no longer irritated.Those new little things that cause it is a state, not chosen by chance.For example, it asks not to slam the door.So restless baby reacts to it.The body of mother and child is functioning as a whole.So she feels when the baby is bad or terrible.My mother, not realizing report why it infuriates the door, asking not to make it loud, because the child uncomfortable.

How can I help

first thing you have to do is close the people who are in contact with the future mom, do not take her eccentric fool, but to understand the nature of these worries and fears.Spend more time with her.Visit the various online sites, shops, classes for expectant parents.Try to let her know that she is not alone in such disturbances.The realization that there are a number of people close to understanding, support and comfort her.

not need to take sedatives and hypnotics, even with herbs.It is best to eliminate all possible irritants and protect from stress.If a woman goes to sleep poorly, it will help a glass of milk at night.Sour milk products is not recommended, as it irritates the intestinal tract.It will not interfere with sleep.Groups and websites for parents to help better understand what is happening.The vagaries of your companions are well founded.This is required by the baby, not the flawed character.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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