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Documents for newborn

writing from the hospital, you should not forget to take a statement - a certificate of birth of the baby.This document gives a midwife, are directly involved in childbirth.The certificate must be given and the date of birth, and time, and sex of the newborn, and of course the name of the doctor who took delivery.Being in possession of such a document, parents should contact the RAPA in order to get a birth certificate.After that apply to social security, that there would issue a lump sum.In addition to help - parents should discharge in the hospital to take a birth certificate, a completed neonatologist.It shall contain information about the child, the progress of labor, the state of the baby at birth and at discharge, and even physiological parameters of the newborn.

also have to be spelled out recommendations on breastfeeding and vaccinations that have been made during the stay of the child in the hospital.This certificate is given to parents of primary care pediatrician.For yourself mom need to

take a certificate, which should include who observed it during pregnancy gynecologist.The document must be information on the possible postnatal complications in the body, and all the mothers used their solutions, as well as about her health status at discharge.Since the certificate prescribed people should carefully check the spelling of names and dates.This needs to be done, that would be in the case of inaccuracies in the future, it would not have to return to the hospital, spending deficit in this period time correction in such important documents.

Register kid

child is registered for that would be officially confirmed his birth.After all, at the time of registration the child receives the name and, of course, a patronymic.Also recorded information about the mother and father.In Rags give the main document - birth certificate.That's where all of the above registered data.

When it is necessary to visit the RAPS

legislation exactly interprets the term of registration of the child.It can not be longer than the one month anniversary of the birth of a small.Registration can be done either at the place of residence of either parent, or at the location of the hospital where the baby was born.In order to register a newborn, you should bring with you the following documents:

1.Vypisku-certificate issued in the hospital.

2.Pasporta both parents.

3. If there is, the marriage certificate of parents.

In the case where mom and dad do not have a name, it requires the presence of both parents that would be the one whose name would not be a child, filled out the form that they agree with the name of their future baby.If the newborn was born out of wedlock and the child wants to register at the residence of his father, the first pope should write a statement in the prescribed form that he recognizes his newborn baby, and only then fill in the application for registration.If the mother was married to another man and issued him a divorce 10 months before the birth, the father, he will be recognized.And only the rejection of paternity and confirmation of the latter will allow the real father of the child to register by specifying the data of the biological father.Residence permit


When the birth certificate is received, parents should register it.Whatever the difficulties with the registration would not be my mom and dad right kid to be registered indisputable.In the case where the child lives with his parents in the apartment, and has no official registration, adults may incur an administrative penalty.If the child does not settled in the area where it is registered, it will come more serious sanctions.According to the court guardianship authorities may dispose of property in favor of the child.Therefore, to avoid confusion, the newborn must be registered not just anywhere, but only at his place of actual residence.The law is harsh.This means that both the parents were not busy baby and other pressing matters, they still should be the time to go through all official channels to the end legitimize all that is required in connection with the birth of the baby.If the parents are not promptly seek help for the maintenance of crumbs, they may lose it altogether.And for not recording - to receive a substantial fine.In short, all the organizations still have to go, but it may take not only time, but also add the hassle and loss of money.If the parents are required and responsible young people, the law is on their side.

What documents are required for the purpose of assistance to the kid

After the birth certificate issued, it's time to start a petition for a lump sum for the maintenance of the child.It should be emphasized that to obtain such relief is issued a certificate, with her copy can not be obtained.This means that if it is lost, it simply is not restored.In addition, if the parents have applied for such aid later than 6 months of the birth of the small, the manual will be denied.Depending on how the account of a newborn in the family, is assigned to the following financial aid:

- 12240 grn.- if the first-born;

- 25,000 grn.- second child;

- 50,000 USD.- The third and subsequent babies.

When the first child is born, one-time assistance is 4800 UAH., The second - 4,840 USD., And then the third - 5000 UAH.The balance is not paid on the first child, issued gradually over a period of 12 months, which amounts to 620 USD.per month.Second - for 2 years to 840 UAH.The third and following kids - the remainder will be divided into 3 years and amount to 1250 UAH per month.In order to start receiving child benefit parents are obliged to provide social security to the following documents:

1. Original Rags issued certificates for registration assistance for the maintenance of the baby;

2. In a social security one of the parents must complete an approved form;

3. baby's birth certificate (copy);

4. passport (copy 1.2 plus page with registration);

5. Indifikatsionny code;

6. If the parents have different surnames, then need a copy of the marriage certificate;

7. In the case of adoption or guardianship - copy of the decision of the guardianship.

If a woman is a second or subsequent child, apart from the above should apply more help from the RG Family (Form 3), and copies of birth certificates of previous children.But it should be understood that in addition to copies of the originals will be required of all submitted documents, as well as an agreement that is concluded with the bank for the transfer of "children's" money and a printout of the bank account.

author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov

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